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The Cultural Events Committee is accepting proposals until September 13, 2024. 

CEC - Call for Proposals AY24-25

All proposals must be submitted as a single file through Box using the link below. For consideration, files must be labeled as shown below. 

your name_department_CEC grant_semester and year of application



The Cultural Events Committee's mission is to bring together University and Idaho communities through rich cultural activities. The Committee sponsors artistic, intellectual, and cultural events that enrich campus and community experiences and that link people of different backgrounds through common interests.

The committee has two grant programs that are used to help sponsor appropriate events.

Mini-grants are for funds up to $1000, and large grants are for $1000 and above. See the current call for proposals and grant application forms (below) for additional details. The committee has a total of $11,000 to distribute for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Committee Members

The following faculty members serve three-year terms on the Cultural Events Committee:

  • Jef Petersen, College of Arts and Letters (Theatre) [Fall 2024- Spring 2027]
  • Sarah Robey, College of Arts and Letters (History) [Fall 2022-Spring 2025]
  • Susan Bennett, College of Health (Dental Hygiene) [Fall 2022-Spring 2025]
  • Chris Pickett, College of Arts and Letters (Art) [Fall 2023-Spring 2026]
  • Celal Perihan, College of Education (TES) [Fall 2023-Spring 2026]

The College Executive Committee (CEC) serves an important advisory function to the Dean and Associate Deans on issues critical to the operation of the College, particularly the strategic development of the College. The CEC will review sabbaticals, college RFP applications (e.g., faculty travel, course release, etc.), and advise the dean’s office as appropriate.

The CEC is composed of four tenured faculty members (two from each division of the college) and two tenure-track faculty members (one from each division of the college) who are selected following a vote of the faculty in their respective division.  

Tenured faculty members are selected to serve on this committee for a term of three years and may serve no more than two complete three-year terms in a row.

Tenure-track faculty terms are for one year only, and tenure-track faculty must serve in a year that they are on tenure track (i.e., not yet tenured).

Committee Members

  • Tom Kloss, Music (Fall 2022-Spring 2025)
  • Matthew Levay, English & Philosophy (Fall 2023-Spring 2026)
  • Jef Petersen, Theatre and Dance (Fall 2023-Spring 2024)
  • Deirdre Caputo-Levine, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology (Fall 2023-Spring 2026)
  • Joshua Swift, Psychology (Fall 2022-Spring 2025)
  • Liz Redd, Anthropology (Fall 2024-Spring 2025)
  • Ex-Officio - Jonathan Fardy, Art (Fall 2023-Spring 2024)

The Tenure and Review Committee (TRC) is composed of six tenured faculty members (three from each division of the college) who are selected following a vote of the faculty in their respective division. Faculty members are selected to serve on this committee for a term of three years (the terms are staggered) and may serve no more than two complete three-year terms in a row. A chair is elected among the committee members at the first meeting of the year. 

The committee will review tenure and/or promotion applications and third year reviews. (Note: for the 2021 review cycle only, the TRC will not review third year review materials but, instead, will review PPR materials.) The committee is charged with reviewing candidate dossiers, along with the recommendations of the department level review committees and department chairs, and issuing their own recommendations in writing to the college dean.

Committee Members

  • Eddie Ludema, Music (Fall 2024-Spring 2027)
  • Vanessa Ballam, Theatre and Dance (Fall 2023-Spring 2026)
  • Sonja Launspach, English and Philosophy (Fall 2022-Spring 2025)
  • James Stoutenborough, Political Science (Fall 2024-Spring 2027)
  • Erika Fulton, Psychology (Fall 2023-Spring 2026)
  • Andy Speer, Anthropology (Fall 2022-Spring 2025)

The Humanities Café Coordinating Committee (HCCC) is a new college-level committee that will be made up of five CAL faculty members. All full-time CAL faculty (tenured, tenure track, lecturers, etc.) will be eligible to serve on the HCCC. Membership will not be dependent on CAL division affiliation; however, no more than two individuals from the same department should serve on the HCCC simultaneously. Members will serve staggered three-year terms with the possibility of reelection, though no one will be eligible for election after serving two consecutive full three-year terms. 

Committee Members

  • Jenna McLean, Music (Fall 2024-Spring 2027)
  • Shin Kue Ryu, Political Science (Fall 2021-Spring 2024)
  • King Yik, Global Studies and Languages (Fall 2023-spring 2026)
  • Alan Johnson, English and Philosophy (Fall 2023-Spring 2026)
  • Matthew VanWinkle, English and Philosophy (Fall 2023-Spring 2025)


Faculty members from the College of Arts and Letters also provide essential service through participation on the Faculty Senate and numerous university committees. Links to some of these important groups are below.

Academic Standards Council

Faculty Professional Policies Council

Faculty Senate

Honors Advisory

General Education Requirements Committee (GERC)

Graduate Council

Research Council

Undergraduate Curriculum Council

University Library Committee