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College of Arts and Letters Advising Information

Regularly meeting with an advisor who can provide guidance and referral information for support services ensures you can meet your educational goals and graduate on time. 

Faculty Advising

Find your general advisor and schedule an appointment here

How to find and connect with your department faculty advisor:

  • Your faculty advisor is listed in your Degree Works along with their email
  • You can also contact the department directly or visit the department website to find advising information for that department

When to meet with your faculty advisor:
Your faculty advisor can help you with questions specific to major requirements, curriculum, internship opportunities, graduate school, career exploration.

Your college advisor can help you navigate:


  • Guidance on selecting appropriate classes based on academic goals, degree requirements, and personal interests. Keeping in mind how to build a semester schedule that is balanced between any personal or work commitments and the course load.
  • Explanation of the course registration system including how to resolve scheduling conflicts or find alternative options when necessary and important deadlines to be aware of.

Graduation Requirements

  • Discussion of potential majors, minors, or electives that align with interests and career aspirations.
  • Evaluation of any transfer coursework and submission of petitions if needed.
  • Help in understanding General Education, university and major requirements, and how to make the most out of experiential learning opportunities.
  • Assistance with developing an individual degree plan that builds on the department Major Academic Plan (MAP).

Support Services

  • Referrals to the appropriate student support office when life changes occur.
  • Connections to resources to help students thrive.
  • Suggestions for how to build a resilient mindset.