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SPARK a FIRE Faculty Mentors

Portrait of Anna Grinath, PhD SPARK a FIRE program coordinator

Passionate about building scientific community across biology and chemistry disciplines

Anna S. Grinath, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE Program Coordinator
Department of Biological Sciences

Delighted to give students the opportunity to create themselves and become what they cannot see

Julia E. Martin, Ph.D.Microbiologist
Department of Biological Sciences

Portrait of Julia Martin, PhD, SPARK a FIRE Mentor

Portrait of Janet Loxterman, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE Mentor

Excited to help students build their confidence and find their path

Janet L. Loxterman, Ph.D., Evolutionary Biologist
Department of Biological Sciences

I love collaborating with young scientists because, as much as I love to help them master fundamentals in Chemistry, I love their enthusiasm and their unique perspectives.

Joshua Pak, Ph.D., Materials & Polymer Chemist
Department of Chemistry

Image of Joshua Pak, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE mentor

Image of Heather Ray, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE mentor

I love to help students identify their passions and support them in achieving their personal goals

Heather Ray, Ph.D., Developmental Biologist
Department of Biological Sciences 

I enjoy helping students gain confidence in their scientific skills and realize their potential to make an impact in their field.
Courtney "Cori" Jenkins, Ph.D.Polymer Chemist
Department of Chemistry

Image of Devaleena Pradhan, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE mentor

Empowering undergraduate students to navigate their university experience and carve out their successful path is the most enriching part of my day.

Devaleena S. Pradhan, Ph.D., Behavioral Neuroendocrinologist & Physiologist, Department of Biological Sciences

Curious to see what chemical puzzles we will untangle next

Andrew Holland, Ph.D., Organometallic & Inorganic Chemist
Department of Chemistry

Image of Andrew Holland, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE mentor

Image of Leslie Nickerson, Ph.D., SPARK a FIRE mentor

Excited to encourage the development of independent thinkers and cross-disciplinary scientists

Leslie Nickerson, Ph.D.Organic Chemist
Department of Chemistry

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