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Peter Sheridan

Peter P. Sheridan, Ph.D.

Microbial Biochemistry

Office: Garrison Hall 607

(208) 282-5368




Lab: Garrison B11-12

(208) 282-5753

We study extreme enzymes and the molecular adaptations to extreme environments, microbial diversity, as well as a variety of medically-important pathogens.


BIOL 4432/5532 Biochemistry
BIOL 4434/4434L Microbial Diversity and Laboratory
BIOL 4437 Biochemistry Laboratory
BIOL 4494 Biochemistry Seminar
BIOL 3358 Genetics
BIOL 6670 Selected Topics in Microbiology: Fundamentals of Fermentation
BIOL 6670 Selected Topics in Microbiology: Food Microbiology
BIOL 6660 Selected Topics in Biochemistry: Enzyme Catalysis and Kinetics
BIOL 6670 Selected Topics in Microbiology: Prokaryotic Genome Annotation

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Sheridan has a wide variety of interests within the fields of Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Bioinformatics. Although a Biochemist at heart, Dr. Sheridan and his students have active research projects encompassing the molecular adaptation of enzymes to extreme conditions (especially cold), the diversity and activity of microbial populations in extreme environments, the production of bioactive compounds by microorganisms that could be useful in industry and biotechnology, and the pathogenesis and control of various disease-causing organisms. Dr. Sheridan has been at Idaho State University since 1991. Outside of his teaching and research interests, Dr. Sheridan enjoys hiking and camping with his family; making beer, cheese, yogurt and other tasty microbial fermentation products; and anything to do with Celtic music and culture.


1996, Ph.D. Biology, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
1991, M.S. in Microbiology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
1984, B.A. Biochemistry, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
1984, B.A. Microbiology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

1996-2001, Postdoctoral fellow, Molecular adaptations of novel cold-active enzymes, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

Selected Publications

Park, S.T, A.M. Collingwood, S. St-Hilaire, and P.P. Sheridan. 2014. Inhibition of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis caused by bacteria isolated from the skin of boreal toads, Anaxyrus (Bufo) boreas boreas, from Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA. Microbiology Insights. 7:1-8.

Liu, T., A. Dean, S. Ashwini, P.P. Sheridan, A. Bhushan, J.C.K. Lai, S. Cao, and C.K. Daniels. 2013. Identification and characterization of a 66-68-kDa protein as a methotrexate-binding protein in murine leukemia L1210 cells. Cell Stress and Chaperones. 18:223-234.

Li, Z., B.R. Briggs, P.P. Sheridan, and M.S. Shields. 2013. An Anion-exchange Method to Concentrate Dissolved DNA from Aquifer Water. Journal of Microbiological Methods. 93:1-8.

Shumway, M.V. and P.P. Sheridan. 2012. Site-directed mutagenesis of a family 42 β-galactosidase from an Antarctic bacterium. International Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 3:209-218.

Sheridan, P.P. 2012. Genus XXIII. Rhodoglobus Sheridan, Loveland-Curtze, Miteva and Brenchley 2003, 992VP. in Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, 2nd Edition, Volume Five The Actinobacteria, Part A. 964-969.