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Guidelines - Graduate Student Space Allocation

Approved by the Space Committee: 2 November 2018

Procedures and guidelines:

  1. Initial communication: Within the first two weeks of each semester, graduate students will respond to a query, distributed by Biological Sciences administrative staff, defining current graduate student desk-space location, potential upcoming changes in desk space location, and information to facilitate communication.
  2. By the time of their initial fall semester meeting, the Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA) will appoint a member to serve as a member of departmental Space Committee for the next year. This person will work with the Space Committee to assess current space
    accommodations/needs of graduate student in the department. They will also work with administrative staff to make sure every student’s current space and space needs are catalogued.
  3. Given the need for space, a graduate student in conjunction with his/her major advisor, may request desk space from the department using the Space Status & Request form. The space request will document the time duration for requested space, reason for that timeframe, and request any needs for specific equipment.
  4. The Space Committee will consider options for allocation of graduate student desk space, discuss whether equipment requests can be accommodated, and make decision, and inform the major advisor, graduate student and Department Chair regarding space allocation decisions and space allocation timeframe.
  5. The Space Committee will notify major advisors and graduate students of pending termination of space allocation. The major advisor may make request at that time for extension of space allocation.