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Readmission Petition

Students who wish to petition the Readmission Review Board (RRB) for readmission must complete the Readmission Petition and Application in consultation with their advisor.

Petitions must be accompanied by relevant documentation from appropriate sources and a thoughtfully prepared Readmission statement.

The RRB will be guided in its decision by evidence of academic potential and readiness to handle the curriculum in a satisfactory manner, evidence of motivation to pursue an educational goal, and evidence that corrective measures have been taken by the undergraduate student.

Readmitted undergraduate students may have stipulations placed upon their Readmission including:

  • Repeating courses previously taken
  • Limiting the number of credits attempted
  • Enrolling in specific courses
  • Scheduling regular follow-up with an advisor or faculty member
  • Receiving specific assistance from the Career Center, ADA, or other ISU academic support services
  • Participation in specific study labs or help groups

The deadline for the Fall Readmission Petition applications is July 15 and the deadline for Spring Readmission Petition applications is November 15.

The Readmission Petition, Application, and all documentation must be submitted to Office of Academic Advising.

The Readmission form can be downloaded and printed.

If you are an academic advisor with questions about the readmission petition process, please call the Office of Academic Advising at (208) 282-3277.