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The Office of Web Communications is responsible for maintaining the organization, design, and marketing strategy of sites on the domain.
We administer the Content Management System (CMS) used to edit sites campus-wide.

Sites maintained by the Office of Web Communications



Current Projects

Spring Semester 2019

Standardization of page layouts

  • Make 3 layouts available to all users
  • Combine similar layouts
  • Delete superfluous layouts

Standardization of content types

  • Unify structures shared by types
  • Make a naming convention
  • Convert static types to dynamic types
  • Add CSS classes
  • Ensure they meet mobility and accessibility standards

Simplification of CSS

  • Combine similar commands into multi-use classes
  • Lock text and color styles

Upcoming Projects

Summer 2019

Overhaul of top-level pages

  • Re-work content based on analytics
  • Create design elements that meet ADA standards
  • CSS themes


CMS Training

We provide training for using the CMS and creating content for your site.

You must attend both training sessions to gain access to the CMS.

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Training Resources

CMS Basics


Content types