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University Communications

There is no shortage of accomplishments, accolades, or achievements at Idaho State University.

The Office of Marketing and Communications is the go-to resource for promoting Idaho State’s mission and communicating our successes. We strategically use a combination of owned, earned, and paid media to support the University’s outreach and communication goals.

Idaho State's Communication Goals

  1. Attract and retain students
  2. Add credibility to the University
  3. Reinforce the University’s value to stakeholders
  4. Improve positioning in the eyes of decision-makers
  5. Offer a compelling story and build support
  6. Show transparency and foster trust

Internal Communications

Providing regular communications and timely updates with our campus community is important to fostering transparency, building inclusion, and supporting our mission of education. Whether it is an email sent to all students or an article in the employee newsletter, the Office of Marketing and Communication oversees and directs the University’s internal communications. 

Idaho State Today

Idaho State Today is a twice-weekly employee newsletter that shares University successes, provides important campus updates, and recognizes the accomplishments of our faculty and staff. It is sent to all employees, including adjunct faculty, on Mondays and Thursdays at 4 p.m.

ROAR Weekly

ROAR Weekly is a student newsletter that shares information about campus events, provides important academic updates, and recognizes the accomplishments of our students. It is sent to all registered students every other Wednesday at 4 p.m.

ISU News

Every day, the University posts and curates content on our news website. The content and articles are searchable and organized by division or college.

University Calendar

Idaho State maintains a University calendar to coordinate and promote more than 5,000 on-campus events. The calendar can be filtered by event-type and audience categories. The online calendar platform also allows users to easily email or share event posts on social media.

  • Please allow up to 72 hours for your event to be reviewed and approved by a calendar editor.
  • Submissions without a clear connection to Idaho State will not be approved.
  • If you have many events in a semester, they can be uploaded with a specially formatted spreadsheet. For more information, email web@isu.edu.
  • If you need to edit an existing event, use the 'Edit an existing event' process. 

Mass Emails

When members of the campus community receive too many emails unrelated to their work or academic activities, they tend to ignore them. This makes it more likely that they will miss something important in the future.

In 2019, Idaho State implemented a Mass Email Policy to preserve email for critical information and time-sensitive updates. All mass email requests must be approved prior to dissemination. If you believe your content should be sent to campus as a mass email, complete the Mass Email Request Form. To expedite the approval process, please use a Google Doc to submit your content.

Media Relations

In today’s competitive environment for attention, media relations delivers benefits unmatched by any other marketing or communications activity. At Idaho State, media relations help the University build brand awareness, increase credibility, establish community partnerships, and respond to a crisis. Effective media relations means that there is one clear and consistent message coming from the institution, and the University’s reputation is protected and supported.

The University employs a number of tools to connect and engage with the media. The tools include: news releases, media advisories, press conferences, written inquiries, media tours, and sit-down interviews.

News Releases

News releases increase credibility, heighten awareness, and expand the overall reach of the institution. The Office of Marketing and Communications maintains a list of all current media contacts, and all news releases must be approved prior to dissemination. News releases are written and coordinated by the college-level marketing director.

The Office of Marketing and Communications is responsible for distributing all news releases on behalf of the University. Idaho State’s news releases follow a specific format and, depending on the scope, impact, and topic, are sent to different media lists, from local journalists to statewide and regional media outlets. A division or college’s Key Communicator typically takes the lead on drafting news releases.

The University has a news release template to assist the campus community in preparing content for dissemination. As a default, all news releases are also placed in Idaho State Today, the University's twice-weekly employee newsletter.

How to Distribute a News Release

  1. Use the news release template in Google Docs to compile the content. Be sure to include contact information for the media if they have follow-up questions.
  2. Go to the Content Submission Form and select the “News Release” option. Link your news release Google Doc in the form. 
  3. The Office of Marketing and Communications will review the content, schedule the news release, and disseminate it to the media.

Media Inquiries

Nearly every day, journalists contact the  University to inquire about our operations, events, or on-campus services. Sharing Idaho State's story with journalists and media organizations is an important part of the University’s external communication efforts. Oftentimes, our faculty and staff serve as subject experts for the media. Reporters often work under tight deadlines and require an immediate response. If you need assistance answering an inquiry, preparing for an interview, or gathering information, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.

The Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications serves as the University’s official spokesperson. Media inquiries about University policies, investigations, pending litigation, or situations that are particularly sensitive or controversial should be referred to the Office of Marketing and Communications.