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Graphic Design

Creative marketing materials designed with intention to be consistent with Idaho State’s current brand standards strengthen and support marketing efforts across the University. 

Strategic initiatives at all levels of the University may require supporting print materials. The Design and Creative Strategy Manager is tasked with ensuring that marketing materials meet Idaho State’s high standards and represents the University in the best way possible.

The University graphic artist will no longer be available to create college and department level reception invitations, retirement announcements, course advertisements, program marketing materials, department event flyers, presentations, or internal department communications.

Creating professional, high-quality materials can be accomplished in one of several ways:  

  • Work with your marketing professional to create materials.
  • Insert photos and text into University-approved branded templates. The Office of Marketing and Communications has created several templates to meet a wide range of needs.
  • Use Canva to create your own materials. Official ISU templates, colors, logos, and fonts are available using an ISU-linked Canva account. Canva access is provided by completing the online request form. A number of Canva Tutorial Videos are available to assist with using the platform.
  • Submit a request for help with graphic design for your materials. Review the below process for submitting a graphic design work request to see if your project fits the scope of work for the University graphic designer. 

Working with the University Graphic Artist

Project Timeline

It’s recommended that you submit your request at least three weeks before you want the materials produced if you already have photos or the design does not require photos; allow four to six weeks if you need to schedule a photographer.

What to Submit with Your Request

The focus of Idaho State’s graphic artist is to create designs that are University-level and directly link with its mission and high-level strategic objectives. If more assistance is needed or the project will be a top-level representation of the University, requests for assistance with graphic design projects may be submitted.

  • A clear description of the piece, including the objective for the piece and the target audience.
  • Text for the piece. Make sure it has been edited and proofread before submitting. The graphic artist is not responsible for editing or proofreading.
  • Any photos that will be used in the design. The graphic artist may not have access to the photos you envision in your piece, so you will need to locate the photos that are needed for your project. You may use Idaho State’s Photo Archives as a resource or check with your marketing professional. The photo download password is bengalroar2020.
  • Make sure to submit the final version of the content to be used in your piece with your work request as the graphic artist will only create a maximum of three revised proofs per project. This means the graphic artist will provide a first draft for your review and then create two additional revisions of the piece, if needed. This increases efficiency for you, the graphic designer and the overall project timeline.

Design Approval Process

To ensure that Idaho State and every unit of the University is represented professionally and positively, all marketing materials are required to be reviewed and approved by the brand management team before going to production. Specifically, printed materials that use any of ISU’s logos or graphic marks need to be reviewed. This ensures that Idaho State’s brand standards are followed and that design flaws are caught before materials are distributed. 

Please closely work with your assigned marketing professional prior to submitting materials for review.

Marketing materials to be reviewed are submitted through this form. Materials should be submitted for review by noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Feedback on submissions can be expected within 3-5 business days. To allow time to incorporate feedback, if needed, please plan to submit materials for brand review at least 2 weeks before the date you plan to order the items. 

Submitted items will be reviewed using the following guidelines. As needed, additional concerns with the item will be communicated.

  • University-approved fonts
  • Idaho State’s brand colors
  • University-level logos and identity marks
  • College or department logos
  • Photos match the purpose of the piece and are high resolution
  • Layout and design are clean and include adequate white space, margins, etc.

Once a submitted item has been reviewed, the owner will receive an email indicating that the item was approved, approved with changes, or needs revisions and resubmitted.

Levels of Approval

Tier 1

Highest level of review before being approved for production
It’s strongly encouraged that you consult with the Office of Marketing and Communications before beginning projects that may be included in this tier.

  • Materials and promotional materials that are branded at the University level only 
    • To an external audience, it appears as if the items are produced at the University level.
    • Items will not have any college, department or unit identification.
    • This may include flags, giveaway items or printed materials
  • All items  that refer in any way to President Satterlee specifically or the University president in general.
  • Any items that use the University seal.


Tier 2

Items required to be approved by the brand management team via the Design Approval Submission Form
Submit items after development but before production. Most marketing materials will fall into this category.

  • Print materials for recruitment or marketing
  • External newsletters, magazines, annual reports.
  • Event invitations that are distributed outside of the University
  • Promotional items
  • Digital and print advertisements
  • Stickers
  • T-shirt designs


Tier 3

Items that are allowed to bypass the approval process

  • Class advertisements that use ISU-branded templates that have not been altered
  • Thank you, blank card, and other templates that are printed as-is from the University’s template gallery
  • Invitations for internal department staff recognition events
  • PowerPoint presentations outside recruitment promotions
  • Internal department electronic communications 
  • Communications on official letterhead
  • Course materials and syllabi

Since these items will not be reviewed by the brand management team, we encourage you to use the guidelines  below to do a self-review before printing your items.

  • University-approved fonts
  • Idaho State’s brand colors
  • University-level logos and identity marks
  • College or department logos
  • Photos match the purpose of the piece and are high resolution
  • Layout and design are clean and include adequate white space, margins, etc.