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"I truly would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the constant support  from the Criminology department at ISU. Now, I am a strategy and transformation consultant focusing on mass violence and domestic terrorism within the national security segment. I feel that there was no better place than the ISU Criminology department for me to kick off my career."

Linzy Kraemer, Class of '20

Jacob Harris, graduate student in Sociology, poses with his 3 minute thesis awards alongside the dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Kandi Turley-Ames

The four programs in the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Criminology at Idaho State include include SociologyCriminologySocial Work, and Gender and Sexuality Studies.  

A degree in sociology, social work, or criminology from Idaho State University opens up a variety of career prospects. Graduates of our programs have gone on to pursue fulfilling careers in fields such as social services, criminal justice, advocacy, research, and community development. The knowledge and skills acquired through our programs prepare students to address social issues, promote social justice, and make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

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We believe in learning beyond the classroom. Our faculty members actively engage with local communities, partnering with organizations and agencies to bring the curriculum to life and provide valuable experiential learning opportunities for our students. Our faculty are committed to mentoring students and guiding them on their academic and professional journeys.

Interdisciplinary Approach: The fields of sociology, social work, and criminology are inherently connected. Our faculty collaborate across disciplines, allowing students to gain a holistic understanding of social systems, individual behaviors, and the justice system.

Meet Our Faculty

Faculty of the Social Work program, Joann Martinez and Jeremy Thomas, pose for a photo at the outdoor mental health fair
Orange text over a photo of a man with headphones who is smiling and working on his laptop reads:

Comprehensive Sociology Programs

  • Deeper understanding of social life complexities
  • Emphasis on sociological research
  • Exploration of various sociological perspectives
  • Solid foundation in sociological theory and research methodologies
  • Study of human society, social behavior, and interactions

Social Work Degrees for Impactful Change

  • Addressing social issues and promoting justice
  • Advocating for vulnerable populations
  • Blend of classroom, fieldwork, and practical training
  • Equipping students with knowledge and skills
  • Focus on positive impact on individuals, families, and communities
  • Preparation for rewarding social work careers

Exploring Criminology

  • Causes of crime exploration
  • Criminal behavior understanding
  • Criminal justice system insights
  • Criminology courses available
  • Crime impact on society examination
  • Crime prevention strategies study
  • Economic, psychological, social factors analysis
  • Passionate about crime and justice
  • Social, psychological, economic factors consideration

Want to know more about our programs? Watch this video.

A glimpse into sociology, social work, and criminology at ISU

The four programs in the department include SociologyCriminologySocial Work, and Gender and Sexuality Studies.

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