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Minor in Sociology

A Minor in Sociology is a strong addition to any major, providing a solid foundation of innovative perspectives to understand human behavior. Students learn analytical skills to examine our diverse world and think critically about social issues that impact their daily lives. A student who completes a Minor in Sociology will have honed skills not only favorable to employers but can also apply those skills to improve the lives of those in their community. 


Completion of or current enrollment in the following courses:

Course List
SOC 1101 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 3301 Classical Social Theory 3
or SOC 4403 Contemporary Social Theory
SOC/SOWK 3308 Sociological Methods and Social Work Research 3-4
or PSYC 3303 Psychology Research Methods
SOC 4462 Power Class and Prestige 3
Electives 1 9

Total Credits


1 With the approval of a Department of Sociology faculty member,
the student shall select nine credit hours from any of the remaining
courses in the Sociology curriculum excluding SOC 4482.