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We offer a comprehensive BA-level curriculum. The BA degree in Sociology is a general degree in Sociology without an area of specialization. For the ISU Sociology BA, students are required to take Introduction to Sociology, Classical Social Theory, Sociological Methods, Social Statistics, Contemporary Sociological Theory, and Power, Class, and Prestige. They have their choice of various other elective courses to complete a total of 36 required credits for the major. The courses offered by the department are rigorous and cover various topics.

Students can add specific Criminology classes to the BA major requirements to meet requirements of a typical Criminology degree which requires a total of 39 credits.

BA in Sociology Program Objectives

  1. To understand and apply core sociological theories.
  2. To know how sociologists use the scientific method to gather information, analyze data, and reach tentative conclusions.
  3. To think critically about systems of power and privilege in a diverse, global society and understand the effects of inequality.
  4. To apply sociological perspectives and methodologies to community issues.

This program can be completed fully online! See the undergraduate catalog for course details.


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What Can I Do With a Bachelors Degree in Sociology?

Program Director

Gesine Hearn, PhD
Office: Kegel Liberal Arts Rm 360
Phone: (208) 282-4947