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Schoen, Marco P.

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor Director of the Measurement and Controls Engineering Research Center (MCERC)

Dr. Schoen received his Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics (Controls) and his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. His research interests include System Identification, Adaptive Controls, Estimation and Realization Theory, Modeling and Simulation, Vibration Analysis, and Controls Application in Biomedical and Aerospace engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer.


Bruce Savage

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor and Chair


Dr. Savage received his Ph.D. from Utah State University in 2002. His research interests include application of computational fluid dynamics (RANS) to hydraulic structures, physical modeling of hydraulic structures, flood control structures, fish passage and habitat, dams and spillways, and wave energy.


Arya Ebrahimpour

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor and Director of M.S. Program in Civil Engineering


Dr. Ebrahimpour received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (structures) from the University of Idaho in 1987. His research interests include experimental and analytical studies in structural vibrations, applications of advanced materials in structural engineering, and structural seismic risk assessment.

Prof. Solomon W. Leung

Solomon Leung

Ph.D., P.E. - Professor, Coordinator, Environmental Engineering Program


Dr. Solomon Leung CV

Dr. Leung received his Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering in 1989 from the University of Iowa. His research interests include physicochemical treatment processes, environmental systems modeling, environmental risk assessment, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

Mustafa Mashal Ph.D., P.E., CPEng, IntPE(NZ), M.ASCE, MIPENZ –Assistant Professor

Mustafa Mashal

Ph.D., P.E., SECB, CPEng, IntPE(NZ) – Associate Professor, CAES Fellow, and Faculty Advisor for ASCE Student Chapter

(208) 282–4587

(208) 282-4538

Dr. Mashal received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (Structural and Earthquake Engineering) from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand in 2015. His research interests include Accelerated Bridge Construction, large-scale testing, bridge engineering, earthquake engineering, precast/prestressed concrete, seismic assessment and retrofitting, structural concrete insulated panels, and analytical investigation.

Ken Bosworth 2017

Bosworth, Ken

Ph.D. - Professor, Chair of ME, Director of M.S. in MCE Program (shared with Mathematics)

Ken received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1984. His research interests include semiparametric statistics, image analysis and identification, and systems modeling, identification, and simulation. In particular, his work has been motivated by applications to real world physical, engineering, and biological/ecological situations. Ken's other major professional interest is in pedagogy: teaching, curriculum development and improvement.

Anish Sebastian 2017

Sebastian, Anish

Associate Chair of ME, Assistant Professor,Director of MS in ME Program

Anish received his Ph.D. in Engineering & Applied Science from Idaho State University in 2012. His research interests include, Smart Prosthetic Hand Development, Biological Signal Processing and Analysis, Adaptive Filtering, Optimization, System Identification, Control Systems, Semiconductor device physics and fabrication, Robotics, Active Flow Control, Radiation Therapy (Treatment Planning).

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Williams, Brian


Brian received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 1997 from Utah State University. His research interests include cryogenics, renewable energy systems, aerospace/space systems, focusing on the design, modeling,and analysis of thermodynamic, thermal, and fluid systems. He is a licensed Professional Engineer.


Chiu, Steve

Ph.D. - Associate Professor, Program Director

Dr. Chiu teaches courses in analog and digital circuits, electronics, communications and embedded systems. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and a Senior Member of IEEE. Dr. Chiu's areas of research include embedded systems, communications and electronics.  He is affiliated with the Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center at Idaho State University. Dr. Chiu has published more than 50 refereed conference and journal articles. Dr. Chiu received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University.

Chad Pope

Chad L. Pope

Ph.D, P.E. - Professor and Program Director

Office: LEL 235E


Dr. Pope received his Ph.D. from Idaho State University in 2011 in Nuclear Science and Engineering. He holds a PE license in the nuclear discipline. He also brings over 24 years of industry experience to the position. His research interests include nuclear safety, nuclear criticality safety and nuclear fuel cycles.


Stochastic Objective Decision Aide (SODA)

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James K. Lai

Professor, Ph.D., Pharmacology & Toxicology, London University