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Robotics Research Lab

Contact Person: Dr. Alba Perez

The Robotics Research Laboratory houses a number of active funded research project in the area of robotics, kinematics, and design methodology, including topics in virtual reality and rehabilitation engineering. Some of the currently NSF funded research projects are listed below:

  • A Design Methodology for Multi-fingered Robotic Hands with Second-Order Constraints
    • Design of multi-fingered robotic hands
    • Design optimization and automatic design implementation for arbitrary spatial articulated systems
    • Synthesis for fully-defined velocity space at points and singularity placement in robot design
    • Computational kinematics for solving synthesis problems
    • New strategies for automatic identification and grasping of unknown objects with multi-fingered robotic hands
  • ARWED: Augmented Perception for Upper-limb Rehabilitation
    • Kinematic modeling of human upper body
    • Synergy identification for upper-body motion
    • Study of smoothness in human motion
    • Motion capture and integration of sensory information
    • Mapping of motion from robotic devices to human hand and vice versa
    • Virtual reality in rehabilitation

Collaborations with: Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, UPC-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain; California State University-Fullerton Foundation; Texas A&M University.