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History of Facility

Summer 1990
State Board of Education Research Center Competition closed due to lack of funds. ISU decides to conduct an internal competition.

Late Fall 1990
A proposal is developed for a Measurement and Control Center. Proposal submitted to Ed House in January 1991.

November 1991
Proposal plus addendum is defended in a presentation to the RCC.

Early Spring 1992
Proposal finally gained approval from Research Center Competition. MCERC becomes one of four designated potential research centers at ISU (chosen from a group of about ten).

Late Fall 1992, into early Spring 1993
A formal Notice of Intent for the State Board of Education was prepared and forwarded through the necessary channels.

January 25, 1994
The State Board of Education office approved the Notice of Intent.

Fall 1998
Founding Director, Dr. Kevin Moore, leaves ISU

Fall 2000
Dr. D. Subbarum Naidu named director of MCERC

Fall 2003
Dr. Marco P. Schoen named associate director of MCERC 

Fall 2008
Rhodes Building re-purposed to house the MCERC, begin of construction and renovation

Fall 2010
Renovation and construction of the Engineering Research Complex housing the Measurement and Control Engineering Research Center (MCERC) completed

Fall 2014
Dr. Marco P. Schoen named director of MCERC and ERC