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Evacuation Areas of Assembly

During emergency evacuations or drills, building occupants will be asked to exit the building and go to the nearest area of assembly. An assembly area is a designated zone that is a safe distance from a building where occupants congregate in the event of an emergency evacuation or drill. Occupants are asked to remain in that area until the building has been cleared and deemed safe by officials. 

In an effort to ensure all building occupants know where to assemble, we have created an online map to display areas of assembly for the Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Meridian campuses. 

ISU Areas of Assembly Map

Map features include:

  • Tabbed content at the bottom of the map to easily navigate between campuses.
  • Building names and numbers, click on an individual building to see the primary area of assembly area.
  • Clearly marked areas of assembly with associated zone number, click on any area of assembly to see which buildings will report to that area. 
  • Zoom in to view the wheelchair accessible doors and pathways.
  • The link at the top of each campus map will provide users with a written document. This allows users who have trouble navigating the map to obtain a written description of each building and the location of its associated area of assembly.


For individuals who have special needs, concerns, or may require assistance during an evacuation, please reach out to Disability Services at 208-282-3599. 

In an effort to improve the accessibility and understanding of areas of assembly, please use the links below to access a written description for each building. Buildings are listed in alphabetical order, provide their associated building number, building address, and description for finding the designated area of assembly.      

 Pocatello                                                              Idaho Falls                                                             Meridian