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Emergency Management


At Idaho State University, we are committed to protecting the welfare of our staff, faculty, students, and community members. We strive to minimize the impact of emergency situations and maximize the effectiveness of the campus community’s response to and recovery from their inevitable occurrence.

The emergency management program helps to establish the framework for the University’s ability to effectively prepare for and respond to all types of disasters and emergency situations. We aim to understand the risks that face the ISU community, identify vulnerabilities, evaluate and assess our ability to produce better outcomes and strengthen our preparedness and resilience through mutual partnerships. 

We take into account all threats and hazards in our planning efforts and truly believe it takes the whole Bengal community to help ensure that our focus can remain on our mission: learning and research opportunities that improve the intellectual vigor, cultural vitality, and health of our communities. This shared responsibility means we work together to prepare so we are ready to respond when disaster strikes. Preparedness starts today - let’s be ready together!

Contact Us:

Jessy Sears, Director of Emergency Management  

Jessy Sears, Director of Emergency Management

(208) 282-2426


PUBLIC SAFETY              pubsafe@isu.edu              (208) 282-2515              625 E Humbolt St Pocatello, ID, 83209              @isupublicsafety     @isupublicsafety     @ISUPublicSafety     @isupublicsafety71