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Master of Arts in Political Science

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The mission of the Master of Arts (MA) program is to prepare students for future graduate study in political science by helping them develop knowledge and skills in political science and research methodology. This program emphasizes general preparation in political science and research.

Areas of emphasis in the M.A. program are focused on the research nature of the degree, including American governmental institutions and political behavior, public law, political theory, public administration and comparative politics, and international politics. M.A. students are required to present themselves for comprehensive examination on their thesis and/or in two of the five areas of emphasis mentioned previously.

Thesis and non-thesis options are available. Thesis requirements include a comprehensive oral examination that covers the student's graduate course work and the literature in two subfields, and the M.A. thesis.

  • Graduates will master literature-based knowledge in two areas of political science.
  • Graduates will develop an understanding of political science research methodology and the role of research in academia.
  • Graduates will further their graduate careers by pursuing a doctorate in political science.
  • Graduates pursuing a terminal degree will find professional employment in education, public service, and business.

Please review the complete program description of the Master of Arts in Political Science at Idaho State University and the M.A. Graduate Program Handbook.

An advisory committee has been created to assist students in developing a curriculum that reflects their individual needs. The program phone number is (208) 282-2211, Stop 8073.

For information about the MA program, contact director Dr. Kellee J. Kirkpatrick.

Please visit the political science section of the Idaho State graduate catalog for more specific information on teachers, classes, and program requirements.

Graduate Students

MA Graduate Director:

Dr. Kellee J. Kirkpatrick
Graveley Hall, North Wing, 311
Postal Box 8301, Pocatello, ID 83209
Phone: 208-282-2550
Fax: 208-282-4833
Email: kellee.kirkpatrick@isu.edu