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Recent placements of graduate students

Adam Brewer (August 2017)

Dissertation – "A Bridge’s Demise: A Study of Coalitional Narrative Strategies Advanced in the Columbia River Crossing Boondoggle."
Current Position: Visiting Professor, Political Science, BYU-Idaho.

Carine de Sy (August 2016)

Dissertation – "Media sources tell stories to frame groups: A study of Syrian refugees in Quebec analyzed by the Narrative Policy Framework"
Current Position: Adult Protective Services Investigator, Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

Barbara Cunningham (December 2015)

Dissertation – "Individualism and collectivism and its relation to Americorp"
Current Position: Senior Grant Project Coordinator, Institute for Rural Health, Idaho State University.

Kacee Garner (December 2015)

Dissertation – "Social good: Citizen entrepreneurs and the social good"
Current Position: Instructor, Wartburg College, Iowa.

Adam Clapp (August 2015)

Dissertation – "Recess in Africa, AK 47s and hand grenades: A comparative study of four African nation states and the underlying causes of child soldiers"
Current Position: Instructor, Alvin Community College.

Shea Robison (August 2015)

Dissertation – "The political implications of epigenetics: Novel narratives of the self, the environment, and causal responsibility."
Current Position: Post-doc, Public Policy, City University, Hong Kong.

Scott Lee (December 2014)

Dissertation – "CIEDRA: An anomaly or the death knell of collaborative decision making for Idaho public lands use issues."
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Indiana University, East.

Jody Hicks (May 2014)

Dissertation – "A public service component to online teaching: An empirical analysis."
Current Position: Instructor, Mohawk Community College.

Caleb Husmann (May 2013)

Dissertation – "Curling Alone: An examination of transnational social capital."
Current Position: Assistant professor, William Peace University, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Kusko (May 2013)

Dissertation – "Policy narratives, religious politics, and the Salvadoran Civil War: The implications of narrative framing on U.S. foreign Policy in Central America."
Current Position: Assistant professor, William Peace University, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Phillip Allred (May 2012)

Dissertation – "LDS Democrats: Utilization of Lakoff's thesis."
Current Position: Faculty, Department of Religion, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.

Henry Evans (May 2011)

Dissertation – "Policies where people matter: Anti-poverty programs and the importance of citizen participation."
Current Position: EO/AA and Diversity Management Analyst, Idaho State University.

Tyler Watson (May 2011)

Dissertation – "How can I improve my ratings?: a regression of analysis of student evaluations of university professors."
Current position: Faculty, Public Health, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.

Ruth Arnell (May 2011)

Dissertation – "The most affected principle: a foundation for ethical cosmopolitical governance."
Current Position: Faculty, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho (retired).

Jason Blazevic (May 2011)

Dissertation – "China's pursuit of power: objectives and consequeces of the security boundary."
Current Position: Director of Social Studies / Director of Statewide Online Program - ?Dixie State University

Andrew Steinfeldt (May 2010)

Dissertation – "The early modern presidency and the significance of Grover Cleveland's presidencies in its development."
Current position: Instructor at Lamar State College in Texas.

David Bowlby (May 2009)

Dissertation – "Sixteen words: The religion clauses of the First Amendment."
Current Position: Instructor of History and Political Science, Motlow State Community College, Motlow, Tennessee.

Paul Pope (August 2008)

Dissertation - "George W. Bush and the Unitary Theory: Deconstructing Unitary Claims of Unilateral Executive Authority."
Current Position: Assistant Professor and MPA Director in the Department of Political Science at Montana State, Billings.

Paul Hathaway (May 2008)

Dissertation - "Groupthink Phenomenon and Self Esteem in Bureaucracies: A Comparison Between Private and Public Sector Organizations."
Current Position: Associate Professor, Public Administration, Department of Political Science, Jacksonville State University, Alabama.

Kathleen DiLorenzo (December 2006)

Dissertation - "Accountability in the Changing Environment of Public Administration: Is Contracting Out Changing the Way Accountability is Perceived in the Public Sector?"
Current Position: Associate Professor of Public Administration, University of Alaska, Southeast, Juneau, Alaska.

Trent Rose (May 2006)

Dissertation: "Measuring Social Capital."
Current Position: Professor, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg, Idaho.

Seth Kellam (August 2005)

Dissertation: "Regimes as Solutions to the Problems of International Coordination: An Examination of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime."
Current Position: College of Western Idaho/Adjunct faculty at ISU (out of academia).

Elizabeth Shanahan (August 2005)

Dissertation - "Land Conservation Initiatives in the American West: An Examination of Varying Levels of Support."
Current Position: Associate Professor of Political Science, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana.

Tim Tingey (August 2005)

Dissertation: "Evaluating Private and Public Factors in Shaping Local Economic Development Policy: Using a Case Approach."
Current Position: Director of Development, City of Murray, Utah, adjunct instructor, University of Utah.

Martin Jam (May 2004)

Dissertation - "Does Neighborhood Organizing Increase Voter Turnout?"
Current Position: Non-Profit fundraiser, Pocatello, Idaho.

Rick Fawcett (May 2004)

Dissertation - "Decision Making Based Upon the Modeling of Property Devaluation: Generated by the Attached Stigma from the Routine Transportation of Spend Nuclear Fuel."
Current Position: Idaho National Laboratory (retired).

Ralph D. Berenger (May 2002)

Dissertation - "Frame Theory and Political Behavior by Candidates, National Media and Voters in the 2000 Primary Election.
Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Chuck Prince (May 2002)

Dissertation: "The Meaning and Purpose of the Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution."
Current Position: Vice President and Director, Idaho Nevada Community Development Financial Institution, Pocatello, Idaho (deceased).

David V. Wold (December 2002)

Dissertation - "The Politics of Angry White Males: An Application of a Social Comparison Model of Relative Deprivation."
Current Position: Adjunct Instructor, Dept. of Sociology, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho (retired).

Douglas A. Landau (December 2002)

Dissertation: "Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders."
Current Position: Professor, Public Safety Program, Edison College, Florida (retired).

Joseph Morris (August 2000)

Dissertation - "The Role of Narratives in Bureaucratic Problem Solving: The Case of Bison and Brucellosis in Yellowstone National Park."
Current Position: Associate Professor of Political Science, Mercyhurst College, Erie, Pennsylvania.

Kenneth B. Schuster (August 2000)

Dissertation: "The National Environmental Policy Act: An Investigation into the Improvement of Federal Agencies in the Environmental Impact Statement Process over Time."
Current Position: Director, Soil and Conservation District, Washington.

Cynthia Marie Culbertson (May 2000)

Dissertation: "Factors Associated with Effective Rural Community Based Development Groups."
Current Position: Director of Admissions and Student Relations, College of Pharmacy, Idaho State University.

Kai-Chi Hsu (May 2000)

Dissertation: "An Analysis of Political Violence in the Developing Countries."
Current Position: Teaching at a Taiwanese University.

Gary L. Scott (May 1999)

Dissertation: "A treatise on the emergence of an entrepreneurial government. A study on reinventing government: environmental security issues associated with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)."
Current Position: Director of the National Border Technology Partnership Program, under the U.S. Department of Energy, New Mexico.

LaNada War Jack (May 1999)

Dissertation: "Epistemology of a Muted Group: Native American Perceptions of the Natural World with Implications for Political Policy Process."
Current Position - Executive-Director, Shoshone-Bannock Tribes, Fort Hall, Idaho.

Robert C. Wadman (May 1998)

Dissertation - "Organizing for the Prevention of Crime."
Current Position - Professor of Criminal Justice, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah (retired).

Stephen R. White (May 1997)

Dissertation - "Global Education and Social Reconstructionism: Constructivist Pedagogy in an Era of Global Change."
Current Position - Professor of Leadership and Educational Studies, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina (retired).

Darrial Reynolds (May 1997)

Dissertation - "Political Participation and Health Self-Profiles Among the Elderly Population."
Current Position - Professor of Government, South Texas College, McAllen, Texas.

Kent M. Tingey (May 1997)

Dissertation - "College and University Presidential Leadership: Framed by Leadership Orientation and Institution Type."
Current Position - Vice President for University Advancement, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho.

Earl F. Phippen (Fall 1996)

Dissertation - "Constitutional Crises in Foreign Affairs: The Role of the Judiciary."
Current Position - Instructor, Dept. of Political Science, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho (retired).