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Fall 2010    Schedule

Aug. 30 Dr. Leah Bergman, University of Idaho, Optical Properties of ZnO and Bandgap Engineered MgZnO
Sept. 6 Labor Day, No Colloquium
Sept. 13 Dr. Kara Keeter, Idaho State UniversityDUSEL and the DarkSide of Physics
Sept. 20 Colloquium Canceled
Sept. 27 Dr. Dustin McNulty, Idaho State UniversityGlimpsing one of Nature’s Secrets: The po Lifetime
Oct. 4 Dr. Hans van Tol, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Electron-Nuclear Spin Qubits and their Manipulation by Magnetic Resonance Technique
Oct. 11 Dr. Yujong Kim, Idaho State University, Research with the Terahertz Light Source 
Oct. 18 Dr. James Wheeler, Utah State UniversityHamiltonian Mechanics and the Nature of Time
Oct. 25 Dr. Dewey Dykstra, Boise State UniversityDevelopment of Reasoning in College Students:  Some Implications
Nov. 1 Dr. John Dudgeon, Idaho State University, Using Physical Methods to Identify the Process of Chemical Alteration in Archeological Materials: A case Study from Bronze Age Russia
Nov. 8 Dr. James Parry, Idaho National LaboratoryReactor Physics Analysis of Advanced Test Reactor Experiments
Nov. 15 Levan Tkavadze, Idaho State University, Investigating Uranium Concentrations in Idaho Using Kinetic Phosporescence Analysis and inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy
Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium
Nov. 29 Dr. Vesselin Dimitrov, Idaho Accelerator CenterAdvanced Gamma and Electron Dosimetry at the IAC
Dec. 6 Dr. Valeria Starovoitova, Idaho Accelerator CenterSecuring Mo-99 Supply

Spring 2011    Schedule

Jan. 10
  Dr. Yujong Kim, Idaho State UniversityStatus of X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) Projects and Applications

Jan. 17
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan. 24
Dr. John Colton, Brigham Young UniversityLightly-doped GaAs: A decade of spin lifetimes and spin resonance

Jan 31
Dr. Brian Anderson, Brigham Young University, Time Reversal Acoustics - the Fountain of Youth?

Feb. 7
Dr. David Peterson, Idaho State UniversitySynchrontron X-ray Analysis of Ancient and Historical Metalwork at Argonne Laboratory: Applications for Archaeometry, Preservation, and Authentication

Feb. 14
Dr. Janelle Bailey, University of Nevada, Las VegasUnderstanding the Universe: Topics and Trends in Astronomy Education Research

Feb. 21
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 28
Dr. Gus Hart, Brigham Young University, A Random Walk Through Basic Biophysics
Mar. 7 Dr. Christian Segebade, Idaho Accelerator Center, The Fine Art of Fraud - The Detection of Forgery with Scientific Tools

Mar. 14
Dr. Kukhee Kim, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Challenging EPICS Accelerator Control System for the LCLS Project at SLAC

Mar. 21
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 28
Dr. Shanti Deemyad, University of Utah, Simple Elements at High Densities: En-Route to Metallic Hydrogen and Insulating Lithium

Apr. 4
Dr. Recep Avci, Montana State University, Tethering a Live Bacteria

Apr. 11
Dr. Adam Bolton, University of Utah, Measuring Galaxy Masses from Galaxy Mirages

Apr. 18
Dr. Christine BervenUniversity of IdahoBridging the Macro-Nano Divide: The Science and Technology of Gas Sensing with Nanostructured Materials
Apr. 19 Dr. Yuri Balashov, University of Georgia, Do Composite Objects Have proper Time?  A Special Joint Physics/Philosophy Seminar
Apr. 25

Dr. John Sohl, Weber State UniversityElectromagnetic Fields and Health -- Will Your Cell Phone Kill You?

Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

contact: shropshi@physics.isu.edu
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