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ISU Physics Department Colloquium Schedulecolloquium

Fall 2008    Schedule

Aug. 25 Dr. Todd Lines, Brigham Young University Idaho, ITT ANGEL Spectroscopic Lidar
Sept. 1 Labor Day, No Colloquium
Sept. 8 Dr. Stacy Palen, Weber State UniversityGrace Under Fire: the Death of Sun-Like Stars
Sept. 15 Dr. Shane Larson, Utah State UniversitySongs from the Milky Way: Our Galaxy in Low-Frequency Gravitational Waves
Sept. 18 Dr. Christian Segebade, Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Berlin, Germany, Photon Activation Analysis –A useful method in material investigation and analytical science
Sept. 22 Dr. Marc Mitchell, Idaho Accelerator Center, Fusion: The 50 Year Problem 
Sept. 29 Dr Bryan Peterson, Brigham Young UniversityNon-Neutral Plasma Research at BYU and the Radioactive Decay of Beryllium-7
Oct. 6 Dr. Gus Caffrey, Idaho National LaboratoryA Gamma-Ray Scanner for Nuclear Spent-Fuel Cask Safeguards
Oct. 13 Dr. Bill Keach, Brigham Young University, Utah State University, Boom, Doom and Rocks – The Intersection of Physics, Video Games and Geology
Oct. 20 Dr. Dane McCamey, University of Utah, Coherent Spin Control of Organic Electronics
Oct. 27 Dr. Dale Kotter, Idaho National LaboratoryNanoAntenna Electromagnetic Collectors for Energy Production and Heat Management
Nov. 3 Dr. Michael Hildreth, University of Notre DameRecipe for a Universe
Nov. 10 Dr. Khalid Chouffani, Idaho Accelerator CenterLaser-Compton Scattering from Intermediate Energy Electron Beams
Nov. 17 Dr. Denise Stephens, Brigham Young UniversitySeeing Double!  Binaries in the Kuiper Belt
Nov. 20 Dr. Philippe Collon, University of Notre Dame, Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: From Tracing Oceans to Nuclear Astrophysics
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium
Dec. 1 Edna Cardenas, Edward Reedy, Heather Seipel, Idaho State University, Research Summaries
Dec. 8 Dr. David Cassiday, University of California, Riverside, The Production of Molecular Positronium
Dec. 11 Dr. Mark Bower, San Antonio Military Medical Center, Utilizing Medical Health Physics Activities in a Hospital to Train for Health Physics Challenges in Deployed Environments

Spring 2009    Schedule

Jan. 12
Dr. David Nigg, Idaho National LaboratoryNeutron-Based Radiotherapy Research at the INL

Jan. 19
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan. 26
Dale Ingram, LIGO Hanford ObservatoryPreparations for Gravitational Wave Searches with the Enhanced LIGO Detectors

Feb. 2
Dr. John Neumeier, Montana State UniversityPhase Transitions in Novel Magnetic and Superconducting Compounds

Feb. 9
Dr. Curtis Smith, Idaho National Laboratory, Use of SAPHIRE Software Within NASA

Feb. 16
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 23
Dr. Todd Allen, Idaho National LaboratoryFuels & Materials Research at the Advanced Test Reactor

Mar. 2
Anna Hoskins, Scott Thompson, Idaho State University, Research Summaries
Mar. 9 Dr. David Neilsen, Brigham Young UniversityBlack Holes, Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves

Mar. 16
Dr. Ralph Bennett, Director, International and Regional Partnerships, Idaho National LaboratoryIntroduction to Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

Mar. 23
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 30
Dr. Harold McFarlane, Deputy Associate Director, Idaho National LaboratoryThe Paradox of Nuclear Waste: Asset or Liability; Hazard or Benefit?

Apr. 6
Dr. Bela FejerUtah State UniversityIonospheric Electrodynamics: Climatology and Weather

Apr. 13
Dr. Orest SymkoUniversity of Utah, Beautiful and Practical Patterns

Apr. 20
Dr. Karine Chesnel, Brigham Young University, From Exchange Bias to Magnetic Memory:  A Speckle View on Nanomagnetism 

Apr. 27
Dr. Giulio Stancari, Idaho State UniversityExperiments with Antimatter: the Physics of Positrons and Antiprotons

Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

contact: shropshi@physics.isu.edu
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