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ISU Physics Department Colloquium Schedulecolloquium

Fall 2009    Schedule

Aug. 31 Dr. John Sohl, Weber State University, Light, Energy, and our Carbon Footprint
Sept. 7 Labor Day, No Colloquium
Sept. 14 Giorgi Kharashvili, Idaho State University, Gallium Arsenide Photoconductive Detectors for Ultra Fast, High Dose Rate Pulsed Electron and Bremsstrahlung Radiation Measurements 
Vakho Makarashvili, Idaho State University, Defect Density imaging of Thick Steel Tensile Specimens 
Sept. 21 Syed Naeem, Idaho State UniversityX-ray Compton Backscattering: Production and Applications
Julian Salamanca, Idaho State University, topic to be determined
Sept. 28 Mr. James Werner, Idaho National LaboratorySpace Nuclear Power, the Dawn of a New Age
Oct. 5 Dr. Kent Gee, Brigham Young UniversityRockets and Jets and Noise! Oh, My!
Oct. 12 Neba Robinson Neba,  Idaho State University, Monte Carlo Simulation of Limitations of Bremsstrahlung Radiation for Microbeam Radiation Therapy
Oct. 14 Dr. Neil Zimmerman, Purdue University, Study of Second Hand Tobacco Smoke in Indiana Bars and Casinos - Implications for a Statewide Indoor Smoking Ban, 11:00 - 11:50 am, PS 219
Oct. 19 Dr. Ronald Galli, Weber State University, The Cat Twist and Other Twisty Topics
Oct. 26  Dr. Hector Calderon, Idaho State University Quantum Fields Near Phantom-Energy `Sudden' Singularities, Part I
Nov. 2 Dr. Hector Calderon, Idaho State University Quantum Fields Near Phantom-Energy `Sudden' Singularities, Part II
Nov. 9 William Phoenix, Idaho National LaboratoryOverview of Reactor Safety Research at INL that Supports Safe Operation of Nuclear Power
Nov. 16 Dr. Ludger Scherliess, Utah State University, Sun to Mud:  Space Weather
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break, No Colloquium
Nov. 30 Dr. Chris Nelson, Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in a Four Level Atomic System
Dec. 7 Dr. David PettiIdaho National LaboratoryRecent Advances in High Temperature Gas Reactor Fuel Technology for use in the Next Generation Nuclear Plant

Spring 2010    Schedule

Jan. 11
 Dr. Tony Forest, Idaho State UniversityPolarized Electron Scattering at Jefferson Lab, **3:00 pm**

Jan. 18
Martin Luther King Day, No Colloquium

Jan. 25
Dr. Steve Tobin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Determining Plutonium Mass in Spent Fuel Assemblies with Nondestructive Assay 

Feb. 1
Frances MarshallIdaho National Laboratory, Advanced Test Reactor and Experiment Research Program

Feb. 8
Dr. Alan Hunt, Idaho State UniversityHow to Detect Stuff:  Critical Decision Levels and Minimal Detectable Limits

Feb. 15
President's Day, No Colloquium

Feb. 22
Colloquium Cancled

Mar. 1
Dr. Curtis Smith, Idaho National Laboratory,  Learning to Count -- Bayesian Inference in Science and Engineering
Mar. 8 Dr. You Qiang, University of Idaho, Ferromagnetic Semiconductor and Giant Positive Magnetoresistance: Spintronics Nanomaterials for Future Computers

Mar. 15
Jaromy Green, Idaho State University A Priori method of Using Photon Activation Analysis to Determine Unkown Trace Element Concentrations in Environmental Samples and Standards

Mar. 22
Spring Break, No Colloquium

Mar. 29
Dr. Brian Pyper, Brigham Young University IdahoThinking, Feeling, and Success in Introductory Physics: What Matters and What Next?

Apr. 5
Dr. David Hurley, Idaho National LaboratoryBad Phonon Good Phonon

Apr. 9
Dr. Yujong Kim, Indiana University, Various Gun and Linac Options for the ALPHA Project at Indiana University,  2:00 pm in Vocational Arts room 117
Apr. 12 Dr. David Meidlinger, Cornell UniversityRF Superconductivity and Temperature-Mapping at Cornell, 2:00 pm in Library room B06
Apr. 12
Dr. Dan Dale, Idaho State UniversityPhotofission with Linearly Polarized Photons

Apr 15 Dr. Michael Dugger, Arizona State University, Non-Strange Pseudoscalar Photoproduction from the Proton, 4:00 pm in PS 108
Apr. 19
Dr. John Lupton,  University of UtahWatching “Excitons” on the Move

Apr. 26

Dr. Ananta Adkihari, Assumption CollegeIrradiation of Carbon Nanotubes and the Defect Related Interaction in Polymer-Nanotube Composites

May 3 Dr. Dustin McNulty, Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Glimpsing one of Nature’s Secrets: The po Lifetime, 3:00 pm in PS 108

Unless specifically mentioned, all talks will be at 4:00 pm on Mondays in PS 108.

contact: shropshi@physics.isu.edu
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