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Idaho State University

Students that are accepted to Idaho State University College of Pharmacy PharmD program have the unique opportunity to indicate their preferred study site.  Our three accredited sites are in Pocatello and Meridian, Idaho and Anchorage, Alaska.  We have faculty at all 3 locations, and strive to provide an equivalent education to all our students.  Alaska residents are given preference for the 15 seats in Anchorage, but can also choose to study in Idaho.  Idaho residents can also select Anchorage as their preferred site.  We accept 40 students in both Meridian and Pocatello for each cohort. 

Whichever site you choose, you will study among award winning students and faculty in some of the best places to live in the west.  Each site offers unique recreational opportunities based on the amazing landscape around them.  Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, skiing or mountain biking, you will find plenty of outdoor space at any of our locations.