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Teaching Laboratories


Mechanical Engineering students have the opportunity to learn through practicing and experimenting, as well as implementing their designs in our teaching laboratories.

The description of our laboratories can be found below. The contact person provides information and guidance for each of these spaces. In addition, it is important to know the Lab Safety Manual procedures and Safety Manual guidelines before using any of our laboratories.

Thermal Fluids Lab

The Thermal Fluids Lab conducts experiments based on fluid flow, pressure and temperature. It has three flow loops with various valves and meters. There is a momentum experiment, a thermocouple welder, an oven and a venturi. There are also a variety of pressure sensors, temperature readouts and flow gauges. Students learn about flow, pressure and temperature. The Thermal Fluids Lab can host up to 16 students. For 3D printing requests please fill out the Google Doc in the link below.

Form to Request 3D printing