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ISU FMR provides pediatric didactic teaching, and our residents care for clinic pediatric patients in the hospital. However, due to a low patient volume and lack of clinical acuity in Pocatello, some of our pediatric rotations are performed at other sites. We partner with St. Luke's Medical Center in Boise and with Primary Children's Medical Center in Salt Lake City to provide an excellent pediatric learning experience which includes inpatient and outpatient medicine as well as emergency department/trauma stabilization. To reduce the impact on residents' families and homes during these rotations, family-friendly apartments are maintained in both Boise and Salt Lake City. The experience in neonatal resuscitation, intubations, and line placement occur in Pocatello at Portneuf Medical Center.

Medical resident caring for a child
First-year residents complete 8 weeks of general inpatient training at St. Luke's Regional Medical Center in Boise. Second-year residents complete a 4-week pediatric emergency department rotation at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. Third-year residents return to St. Luke's in Boise for a 2-week Pediatric Hospitalist experience. A 2-week Neonatal Intensive Care experience occurs in Pocatello at Portneuf Medical Center during the third year as well. The skills learned during these rotations are especially useful for rural practice where graduates may need to stabilize or resuscitate their pediatric patients.