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Program Costs

The total cost of a dental education, includes not just tuition and fees, but also books, instruments and living cost. The IDEP program is designed to provide students with reasonable total costs while maintaining the desired high quality of education. By combining the competitive IDEP fees (tuition) with the low cost of instruments, books and the inexpensive housing available in Pocatello and Omaha, the program's total cost is less than other dental programs available regionally.

Considering the cost of money borrowed to finance a dental education, the lower total program cost translates into a final loan package which will provide a more manageable debt upon graduation - an important key to your future success.


Fees and Other Expenses


Students accepted to the IDEP/Creighton program will be granted enrollment in the first-year dental curriculum at Idaho State University. Student fees include a resident fee in addition to the Idaho Dental Education Program fee. Fees are valid for the year indicated and are subject to change by the State Board of Education, legislative appropriation of funds and/or Creighton University without notice. The fees and other expenses for the year indicated are shown in the chart below. Students starting the IDEP program in 2015 will save over $114,000 in comparison with attending Creighton as a non-IDEP student.


IDEP FEES FOR 18-191st Year (ISU)2nd-4th Years (Creighton)
ISU Resident Fee $7,420  ($3,710/sem) * -0-
IDEP Program Fee $29,340  ($14,670/sem) $29,340 (14,670/sem)
Total Fees (Tuition)* $36,760  ($18,380/sem) $29,340 (14,670/sem)
Other Expenses
Textbooks $1,670 D2=$2,035, D3=$1,227, D4=$348 (Avg. $1,203/yr)
Instruments (SIMS) $7,786 ($3,893/sem) D2=$7,786, D3=$7,270, D4=$6,756 (Avg. $7,271/yr)
ISU Lab Fees $500/yr (F=250 S=250) $0
Drug Screening/BG check $100 $0
Creighton University Fee & Technology Fee -0- $1,240+$530/yr ($1,770)
Student Health Insurance

No longer offered** $2714/yr ($1357/semester)

$2,850/yr (student only) Estimated -not set yet

Parking Permit (optional) $100/yr $348/yr
Student Dental Assoc dues -0- (paid by ISDA) $105/yr
Total Other Expenses $10,156 $13,547
Room & Board Estimates $16,200 $19,800
Apartment Rental –estimate $350-800/mo $400-1,100/mo


** ISU Student Health Insurance will not be offered for the academic year 2019-2020.  The cost to the student would have been higher than students could purchase insurance in the private market.  Students are REQUIRED to have health insurance and will need to show proof of this, but it is not an option to purchase coverage through the university.  The figure listed is an estimate.

Standard Creighton Dental School Tuition for 2019-2020: D1-D2= $66,014 D3-D4= $62,540

ISU Student Health Insurance:


Creighton Health Insurance: (coverage period: Mid August 19-20)

           Note: these are estimates with 5% increase from 2018/19-fee hasn't been set for 2019-20

           $2,850/yr (fee listed is for student only; paid in 2 installments with tuition)

           $5,700/yr (student and spouse)

           $5,700/yr (student and child)

Creighton University Fees:

           $1,770 total for university fee ($1,240) and technology fee ($530)

           (University fee includes access to the student fitness facilities)

Student Dental Association Dues:

           $105/yr (paid in the fall semester only)

Living expense allowance:         Yr 1: $16,200     Yr2-4: $19,800


Written Board Exam D2= $500

Written Board Exam D4= $500 

Clinical Board Exam D4= $2,500


IDEP students are eligible to apply for scholarship funds provided by the Dr. H. Gene and Sue Ann Hoge Foundation. One scholarship is awarded to a first year IDEP student each year. Students may also seek additional private scholarships on their own.

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