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The basic science and dental science curriculum offered at Idaho State University has been certified by Creighton University as equivalent to the first-year dental curriculum offered at Creighton University. This curriculum has been approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Performance in the basic science courses will be evaluated on the basis of course objectives developed by the Creighton School of Dental Science and in accordance with the Idaho State University system. Performance in the clinical science courses will be evaluated according to policies and procedures of Creighton University School of Dental Science.

First Year Courses

Fall SemesterSpring Semester[WU1]
Gross Anatomy (lecture and lab) Neuroscience
Physiology Nutrition
Head & Neck Anatomy (lecture and lab) Community Dentistry
Histology Oral Hygiene Techniques
Dental Materials (lecture and lab) Occlusion (lecture and lab)
Preventive Dentistry (lecture and lab) History of Dentistry
Dental Anatomy (lecture and lab) Values and Ethics
Oral Histology and Embryology Interpersonal Relations and Communication
  Dental Materials (lecture and lab
  Clinical Experience lab


Course Descriptions

First-Year Basic Science Courses

BIOS 500 Oral Histology and Embryology CU (ORB) 133

3 credits. The microanatomy formative processes of the teeth and their surrounding structures.

BIOS 519 Mammalian Histology CU (ORB) 113

4 credits. Study of animal tissues, including structural and functional characteristics of tissues and organs. Prerequisite: BIOS 204 or 303 or 301 and 302.

BIOS 540 Systematic Anatomy CU (ORB) 115

4 credits. Study of the structure of the human body, including functions and interrelationships of anatomical structures. Emphasis on the neck, thorax, and abdomen, including diseased and normal conditions; coverage of the axilla, upper and lower extremities, pelvis and perineum.

BIOS 550 Head and Central Nervous System Anatomy CU (ORB) 131

4 credits. Comprehensive presentation of the anatomy of the head and central nervous system as it applies to the practice of dentistry. Lecture and laboratory.

BIOS 532 Biochemistry CU (ORB) 111

3 credits. General introductory course which includes the occurrence, structure, function and metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids; energy metabolism; and the integration of the above areas. Prerequisite: Chem 303 or permission of instructor.

BIOS 486 Human Systemic Physiology CU (ORB) 117

4 credits. One-semester lecture human physiology course emphasizing the function and regulation of the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, reproductive and immune systems. Prerequisite: CHEM 111 and CHEM 112; BIOS 301 and BIOS 302 or equivalent.

First-Year Dental Science Courses

IDEP 513 Dental Anatomy Lecture CU (GDS) 113

1 credit. Nomenclature chronology, and methods of designation of human teeth. Form, size and contour of the teeth, including external and internal anatomy of the permanent and deciduous dentitions, intertooth relations and occlusion.

IDEP 514L Dental Anatomy Laboratory CU (GDS) 114

3 credits. Carving of plaster teeth larger than average measurements and carving of wax teeth to natural size. Mounting of study casts on a functional articulator and waxing of teeth in occlusion.

ISU IDEP 515 Dental Materials Science I CU(GDS) 115

2 credits. Composition properties, and application of the materials used in dentistry. Basic information on the design preparatory work necessary for the mouth incident to the reception of these materials.

ISU IDEP 517 Interpersonal Relationships and Communication CU(CPD) 111

1 credit. To assist their orientation and adjustment to professional education, freshmen will participate in group introductions followed by a discussion on interpersonal relationships and communication in general, relationships with classmates, administrators, faculty and staff; dealing with stress; and establishing study habits.

ISU IDEP 523 Preventative Dentistry CU(CPD) 113

2 credits. Introducing the philosophy and need for preventive dentistry by developing the student's knowledge of and skills for effective oral hygiene. Concepts of self-motivation, knowledge of dental diseases and abnormalities; application of the principles of fluoridation, nutrition, patient motivation, and home care.

ISU IDEP 524 Community Dentistry Field CU(CPD) 132

1 credit. Principles of cancer epidemiology, public health dentistry, dental health education, and preventive programs in the school and community. Developing the elemental concepts of research design, measurement and statistics. Field experiences are designed to acquaint students in small groups with area health problems (and with area health services and agencies).

ISU IDEP 525 History of Dentistry CU(CPD) 115

1 credit. To acquaint the student with the history of dentistry from ancient time to present, emphasis is placed upon contributions by individuals and groups of individuals leading to the current status of dentistry in the United States.

ISU NTD 599 Dental Nutrition CU(ORB) 137

1 credit. Oral nutrition including nutrients for growth and development of oral structures, diet and dental caries, nutrition and periodontal diseases, and diet counseling of the dental patient.

ISU IDEP 534 Dental Materials Science II CU(GDS) 135

3 credits. Continuation of ISU IDEP 515 & CU(OPD) 115. prerequisite: ISU IDEP g415 & CU(OPD) 115.

ISU IDEP 535 Occlusion Laboratory CU(PRS) 132

1 credit. Various exercises simulating clinical diagnostic and treatment procedures are employed to exemplify principles of maxillo-mandibular relations.

ISU IDEP 544 Values and Ethics CU(CPD) 143

1 credit. Designed to identify and understand one's own ethical decision-making processes and the relationship of religion with values and ethics. Students will discuss the areas of value and care for people as individuals, challenges of personal and professional opportunities, code of ethics of the ADA and dental-care delivery system.

ISU IDEP 554 Occlusion Lecture CU(PRS) 131

1 credit. Basic principles of maxillo-mandibular relationships, static and functional, as related to the occlusal surfaces of the teeth.

IDEP 463 Dental Radiology I CU(GDD) 113

1 Credit History, theory and applicatioin of ionizing radiation resulting in radiography of the oral structures; including exposure and developing parameters along with basic interpretation. Corequiste: IDEP 464

IDEP 464 Dental Radiology Technique CU (GDD) 114

1 Credit. Practical experience in exposing and developing dental radiographs. The course includes techniques required to complete a diagnostic full mouth series, bitewing films and panoramic radiographs. Corequisite: IDEP 463

IDEP AAA Clinical Observation CU (CPD) 134

0 Credit. Introduction to all disciplines of dentistry by way of clinical observation and limited assistance to dental residents.

IDEP BBB Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation CU (CPD) 136

0 Credit A formal course in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation leading to CPR Certification in Basic Life Support.

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