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Single Parent/Displaced Homemaker ISU COT Student Assistance Program

Center for New Directions has received grant funds from the State of Idaho to support the education and workforce preparedness of ISU College of Technology single parent or displaced homemaker/worker students. Funds are limited and available first come first served until they run out.

Please contact CND if you are a single parent or displaced homemaker ISU COT student and would like to receive financial assistance in the following areas:

Emergency Assistance Scholarships help students who have immediate and specific needs that are barriers to completing their ISU courses or program. Needs could include books, supplies, tools, or other financial obligations such as healthcare, housing, or transportation. Funds may not be used to pay tuition balances.

Academic Achievement Awards may be disbursed at the completion of Fall 2020 semester to qualifying students who achieve single semester GPA targets. Amounts can be earned as follows: $50 for 4.0, $40 for 3.5 - 3.95, $30 for 3.0 - 3.49.

Childcare Payments are funds that will be directly disbursed toward a licensed childcare provider to enable a student to attend school or work.

Involvement/Improvement funds will be given to students who take part in events, trainings, activities, or seminars that focus on self-improvement and well-being. Students can receive funds for participating and meeting reporting requirements for up to three events per semester.

Call the CND office at 208-282-2454 if you have questions or need assistance.