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Center for New Directions

Personal Counseling

Free and confidential mental health counseling is offered by Licensed Professional Counselors to enrolled College of Technology students and community members who have career or education goals. We help individuals address and remove barriers to educational and occupational success.

Counseling is a collaborative relationship between a counselor and client who work together to help clients identify goals and potential solutions to problems creating emotional turmoil in their lives. Counselors do not give advice or make decisions for clients. They help clients improve their coping skills, strengthen their self-identity, change behaviors, and enhance their relationships.

Many times college students find they are a long distance from their friends/family and away from their usual support network. These are times when counseling may be helpful. Also, research shows that students who utilize counseling services during their college experience are more likely to successfully complete their program of study.

  • Feeling hopeless, down in the dumps, crying often
  • Feeling fearful, anxious, or nervous much of the time
  • Having a hard time paying attention or concentrating
  • Feeling stressed-out with school or having academic problems
  • Feeling lonely, like nobody understands you, or not getting along with people
  • Feeling out of control and/or engaging in self-destructive behavior
  • Thoughts of harming yourself or someone else
  • Fatigue or sleep problems
  • Binge eating or drinking

Center for New Directions counselors do not provide letters for support animals. We can provide letters for academic support or medical withdrawal to students who have an active ongoing relationship as clients.

If you are a COT student and are experiencing a crisis, call 208-282-2454 during regular business hours. After hours and on weekends, emergency mental health services are available through the Human Development Center (208-234-8685) at the Portneuf Medical Center Emergency Department (208-239 1801), or by calling 911.

To receive services from CND, please call 208-282-2454 to schedule an appointment.