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Adds linked slides to a page.

The use of sliders is not recommended

  • If they are not used properly, they cause accessibility problems.
  • They are not effective for sharing information.
  • They have gone out of style in general.
  • People are not visiting your website to look at a slideshow of pictures.

Should I use a slider (carousel)?

If you feel you absolutely must have a slider, follow these rules:

  • Each slide image must have the same exact dimensions.
  • Each slide must link to a web page. Not the page where the slider resides, a different page.
  • If text has been photoshopped onto the image, that text should be no more than 50 characters.
  • Any text that appears on the image must be used for the image description (alt-text).




Slider wrapper

In order for a slider to function, you must first add the slider wrapper content type to your page.

Without the slider wrapper, the slides will be displayed as separate images.

You only need to fill out the name field in the wrapper.

Slider wrapper and 2 slider slides in a list of used content types

Slider slide

Fields and options

Supplies a name for the list of 'content in this section'. It is for internal purposes only.

Image for the slide.

Caption heading text
This text will appear in the bottom center of the slide.

Content link
Choose a section link or content link for when the slide is clicked on.

Link URL
Paste a URL for when the slide is clicked on.