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The slab creates a colored background that fills the width of the screen. Only simple content can appear in a slab.

Use with Top Navigation page layout only!

Ask for permission

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Fields and options

Supplies a name for the list of 'content in this section'. It is for internal purposes only.

Background color
Choose the color or pattern for the slab

Choose whether there is margin space above or below the slab. The default is no margin.

Use the text editor to add whatever content you wish to the slab.



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To qualify, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Desire to learn

Students looking to enroll for the fall semester must:

  1. complete and submit an application
  2. pay the application fee
  3. enroll in classes through BengalWeb

Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair

Black Bengal Tooth

This is the easiest option. ISU gmail accounts include the Google Forms app.

Google forms is flexible and easy to use. Submissions can be stored in a Google sheet, and email notifications can be sent to you and submitters.

If you have a department/office email, it's best to use that account to create the form. That way it can be accessed by multiple people.