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Picture link menu single

Picture link with adjustable width. Each Picture links menu single is a column within a row.


Fields and options

This field supplies a name for the list of 'content in this section'. It is for internal purposes only.

Column size
Choose the width of the column by percentage: 25, 33, 50, 66, 75, 100

Feature image
Allows an image to be displayed before the main body. Other media items can not be displayed here, images only.

Choose a section link or content link

Use default link text
If selected, the default text for the section link or content link will be used. If unselected you can enter in custom text for the link.

External link
Insert URLs here that link outside the ISU website.

Link text
This text will be displayed for the external link.

Link text size
Select the size of the link text.

Brief text
A text editor to add brief text below picture link

Change the appearance by adding a background color, border, etc.


How to Use

Any number of Picture links menu single types can be placed between opening and closing Row wrappers.


Example of content type use for picture links singles