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The ISU Department of Chemistry is dedicated to making the science of matter interesting and accessible to everyone. Consisting of eight tenured faculty, two tenure track faculty, seven teaching faculty, two affiliate faculty, and four staff members, our department prides itself on it's outreach programs and student engagement, as well as it's diversity in available interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Our research programs are widely varied and our faculty is active in their research as well as their community through service teaching, creating a highly interactive learning space that encourages creative thinking and collaboration.

What We Offer


 Undergraduate            MINOR              Masters              BS/MS Program


For Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors in specific, the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) for those degrees are consistent with the specific guidelines set forth by the American Chemical Society. Those students graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in either discipline will be able to demonstrate:

  • A thorough knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry (and related disciplines such as Biology, Physics and Mathematics), including atomic and molecular structure, chemical dynamics and the chemical and physical properties of substances.
  • A competence in the subfields of chemistry, such as Analytical, Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Biochemistry.
  • The ability to read, evaluate, interpret, chemical and general scientific data, information and literature.
  • The ability to communicate (both oral and written communications) and present scientific information.
  • The ability to design and carry out experiments effectively and safely.
  • The ability to use routine and modern experimental apparatus and instrument effectively.

What about Doctorial Opportunities?

While the Chemistry Department itself does not currently offer any doctoral options, the College of Science and Engineering does offer a PhD in Engineering and Applied Sciences. Participants in this niche degree program may choose advisors from among the Chemistry faculty to help construct a curricula plan that includes significant proportions of chemistry as part of their research.