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Student Union Marketing


Located at the entrances with most foot traffic of a few thousand people per day, posters on the orange board are a fantastic way to promote your campus event or program. Available for student organizations, and all ISU departments. Please fill out the form to let us know when your posters will go up. Posters can not be put up more than two weeks before the event. Posters that are up longer than two weeks will be taken down. 

Poster Request Form


Reserved for the most compelling cultural, artistic, and entertainment events sponsored by ISU departments. A few spaces available throughout a school year at designated locations. Please fill out the form to let us know when your A-Frames will be out. 

Notice Boards

Fliers can be posted by all member of the ISU community on the Notice Boards on the 1st floor of The Student Union by the Outdoor Adventure Center. All postings with an event date will be removed after the date has passed.

Digital Screens

Three TV monitors are strategically placed throughout The Student Union to advertise Student Organization events, Campus Life activities, and ISU Departments. Fill out the form to get your advertisements on the TVs.

Ceiling Banner

The ceiling banner is a wonderful way to promote your event. Facing the dining area or in the stair well to the first floor, a good quality banner will catch eyes of thousands of students every day.