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D. Jasun Carr

D. Jasun Carr

Associate Professor and Minor Advisor Global Studies and Languages | Chair, Department of Global Studies and Languages | Chair, Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology

Office: Frazier Hall 316

(208) 282-2995



BS, Communication Processes, UW-Green Bay; MS, Electronic Media, Kutztown University; PhD, Mass Communication, UW-Madison


Digital Media; Social Media; Media Psychology; Research Methods

Courses Taught:

CMP2202: Photo, Graphic, and Video Editing; CMP2203: Media Literacy; CMP3307: Social and Interactive Media Campaigns; CMP3309: Communication Inquiry; CMP3339: Web Design; CMP6601: Introduction to Graduate Research Methods; CMP6630: Communication Revolutions


Dr. Jasun Carr earned his PhD in Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. His ongoing research interests focus on persuasion, consumer culture, and civic engagement; the interaction of source and generational cohort in new media; and the changing journalistic and persuasive practices within social media platforms. Currently he is in the beginning stages of developing a scale to clarify the measurement of "social media trust." In addition to teaching and research, he acts as webmaster and social media coordinator for the department.

Dr. Carr’s CV

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Selected Publications:

Carr, D. J. (2018). Multitasking & Multiskilling. In Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh (Ed.), International Encyclopedia for Journalism Studies. (In Press)

Carr, D. J. (2018). Exploring the Role of Parasocial Relationships on Product Placement Effectiveness. American Communication Journal, 20(1), 31-45.

Carr, D. J. & Bard, M. (2017). Even a Celebrity Journalist Can’t Have an Opinion: Post-Millennials’ Recognition and Evaluation of Journalists and News Brands on Twitter. Electronic News, Online First, doi: 10.1177/1931243117710280

Carr, D. J. (2017). The Internet and Information Economy. In Robert Rycroft (Ed.), The American Middle Class: An Economic Encyclopedia of Progress and Poverty. ABC-CLIO.

Carr, D. J., Barnidge, M., Lee, B. & Tsang, S. J. (2014). Cynics and skeptics: Evaluating the credibility of mainstream and citizen journalism. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 91(3), 452-470.

Awards & Honors

Faculty Senator - College of Arts & Letters

Political Communication Interest Group - Association for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication: Head (2016-17), Vice-Head (2015-16), Research Co-Chair (2013-15).

ISU Office of Research: ISU College of Arts & Letters Combined Subject Pool Pilot. (2018-June 2020)

ISU College of Arts & Letters: Faculty Travel Funds. (2017, 2015)

ISU Office of Research: Faculty Travel Funds. (2017)

Idaho Humanities Council Grant: Humanities Cafe 2015-16: Identity. (2015)

ISU College of Arts & Letters: Infrastructure Grant Proposal Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion DSLR Photography and Video Cameras. (2015)