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Research Data Center at Idaho State University


Idaho State University’s Research Data Center (RDC) is a university-wide facility dedicated to supporting and enhancing the research capabilities of ISU faculty, staff, and students through a centralized hyper-converged infrastructure of virtual machines (VM). These capabilities are available to ISU’s research community through the university’s network.  This facility has 10/40 Gbps intra-RDC network connectivity, a dedicated data transfer node, and substantial compute capabilities with over ½ TB of RAM.

If you are interested in our Research Computing Webinar Series, send an email to rdc@isu.edu to request access. Revisit this page for upcoming webinars.

Research Computing Open Office hours are every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm. You can join the Zoom meeting here or chat with Michael Ennis in person in Business Administration Room 317A.

 High-Performance Cluster Server Resources                                                            

 The RDC houses three high-performance computing servers which include Thorshammer, Minerve, and the newest one Ragnarok. The Falcon supercomputer is hosted at the C3 facility at INL.




  • 128 total cores
  • 9 compute nodes
  • 16 GB memory per compute node
  • 32 GB memory on the head node


  • 58 TB Array

The head node and 8 compute nodes contain a total of 144 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 Cloud Series CPU cores.

  • 128 Total 2.1 GHz cores on the compute nodes
  • 16 Total 2.1 GHz cores on the head node


  • 288 cores with HT enabled
  • 768 GB total high performance ECC system memory
  • 4 GB memory per compute node processor core
  • 16 GB memory per head node processor core


  • 104 TB of RAW storage space
  • Approximately 73 TB USEABLE storage space for data on head node
  • 1.0 TB RAW storage space for data for each compute node


  • 1 Gbps path high performance network backplane
  • 48 port Gig-E switch

One head node with eight Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs. 


  • 83,968 total CUDA cores
  • 1.70 GHz Boost Clock for GPU cores
  • 192 GB of GDDR6X Memory for GPUs
  • 264 GB memory on the head node


  • 15 TB of RAW Storage Space
  • Approximately 12 TB USEABLE storage space for data on head node

Eight leader nodes and 969 compute nodes with dual Xeon E5-2695 v4 2.1GHz CPUs.


  • 34,884 total cores with HT enabled
  • 124 TB Total High Performance ECC System Memory


  • 1.3 PB of parallel, Lustre file storage


  • 56 Gbps InfiniBand FDR

The following documents are available for users interested in utilizing the RDC's resources.

Research Data Center Procedures

Research Data Center Virtual Machine Resource User Agreement

Research Data Center Existing Server User Agreement

The following Power Point presentation gives general info on using the RDC and its resources as well as additional contact information.

How to access and use the RDC

The following video gives information on how to use Globus for data transfer.

Using Globus at Idaho State University

The following documents are draft grant applications. They can be used as a reference or modified by RDC users who are applying for grants that will utilize RDC resources.