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Velma Payne, PhD

Program Director of Health Informatics and Assistant Professor

Office: Idaho State University - Meridian Room 667

(208) 373-1952

Brief Biography

Dr. Payne is the Program Director of Health Informatics, College of Health Professions, in the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences. Dr. Payne has had a progressive 35-year career in Information Technology before entering academia. Her entrepreneurial spirit resulted in co-ownership of a non-profit LLC focusing on the development of healthcare informatics applications to enhance clinical practice. Her research focuses on using technology to enhance patient care, technology-based tools to enhance the patient experience and engagement, reducing disparities of care in rural settings, diagnostic errors, use of feedback and metacognition to enhance clinical reasoning, cognitive aspects of medical decision-making and the impact of cognitive heuristics and biases on diagnosis. 


  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, Biomedical Informatics, 2011
  • MS, University of Pittsburgh, Biomedical Informatics, 2008
  • MBA, Robert Morris College, 1997
  • MS, Robert Morris College, Computer Information Systems, 1996
  • BS, Oral Roberts University, Computer Science, 1984 

Additional Training

  • Patient Centered Outcomes Research Scholars Program, 2020 Program Sponsors: Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, AHRQ, University of Washington School of Public Health and the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS).

Current Courses Taught

  • Health Informatics
  • Health Information Systems
  • Health Information Governance
  • Healthcare Workflow Process Analysis
  • Health Data Analytics
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Health Informatics Project
  • Health Informatics Internship

Research Interests

  • Reducing Disparities of Care in Rural Settings using Technology
  • Information Technology-based Quality Improvement
  • Impact of Technology on Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes
  • Patient Engagement Informatics Tools / Consumer Health Informatics Tools
  • Reducing Diagnostic Errors with Feedback and Metacognitive-based Interventions
  • Impact of Cognitive Heuristics and Biases on Diagnostic Reasoning


  • Assessing the Current State & Perceived Value of HIT in Critical Access Hospitals in South East Idaho - $20,000 - Internal ISU Faculty Seed Grant
  • Implementation and Evaluation of a Patient Diagnostic Toolkit - $11,062 - AHRQ, PCORP Scholars Program

Selected publications

  • Payne, VL, Hysong, SJ (2016). Model Depicting Aspects of Audit and Feedback that Impact Physicians’ Acceptance of Clinical Performance Feedback.  BMC Health Services Research. 16:260
  • Okafor, N, Payne, VL, Chathampally, Y, Miller, S, Doshi, P, Singh, H (2015). Using Voluntary Reports from Physicians to Learn from Diagnostic Errors in Emergency Medicine. Emergency Medicine Journal, Nov 3, 2015;1-8
  • Payne, VL, Singh, H, Meyer AND, Levy, L, Harrison, D, Graber, ML (2014). Patient-Initiated Second Opinions: Systematic Review of Characteristics and Impact on Diagnosis, Treatment, and Satisfaction. Mayo Clinic Proc, May 2014;89(5):687-696
  • Meyer AND, Payne VL, Meeks D, Rao R, Singh H (2013). Physicians’ Diagnostic Accuracy, Confidence, and Resource Requests: A Vignette Study. JAMA Internal Medicine. Nov 25, 2013;173(21):1952-8 PMID 23979070.
  • Trautner BW, Bhimani RD, Amspoker AB, Hysong SJ, Garza A, Kelly PA, Payne VL, Naik AD (2013). Development and validation of an algorithm to recalibrate mental models and reduce diagnostic errors associated with catheter-associated bacteriuria. BMC Med Inform Decis Mak. Apr 15, 2013;13(1):48
  • Graber, ML, Kissam S, Payne, VL, Meyer, AND, Sorensen, AV, Lenfestey, N, Tant E, Henriksen K, LaBresh KA, Singh H (2012). Cognitive Interventions to Reduce Diagnostic Error : A Narrative Review. BMJ Qual Saf, 2013, 21(7):535-557
  • Payne VL (2011). Effect of a Metacognitive Intervention on Cognitive Heuristic Use During Diagnostic Reasoning. PhD Dissertation Research.
  • El Saadawi, G.M., Azevedo, R, Castine, M., Payne, V, Medvedeva, O, Tseytlin, E, Legowski, E, Jukic, D, Crowley, RS (2010). Factors affecting feeling-of-knowing in a medical intelligent tutoring system – the role of immediate feedback as a metacognitive scaffold. Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract, 2010, 15(1):9-30. PMID 19434508
  • Payne, VL, Medvedeva, O, Legowski E, Castine M, Tseytlin E, Jukic D, Crowley RS (2009). Effect of a limited enforcement intelligent tutoring system in dermatopathology on student errors, goals and solution paths. Artif Intell Med, Nov, 2009;47(3):175-97. PMID 19782544 Best Student Paper Award – 2009 University of Pittsburgh Biomedical Informatics Training Program
  • Payne, V, Kiel, JM (2005). Web-based communication to enhance outcomes: A case study in patient relations. J Healthc Inf Manag, 2005; 19(2):56-63. PMID 15869214
  • Payne, VL, Crowley, RS (2008). Assessing the use of the cognitive heuristic Representativeness in clinical reasoning. AMIA Annu Symp Proc, Nov 6, 2008;571-5. PMID 18999140; PMCID 2656076
  • Payne, VL, Metzler, DP (2005). Hospital Care Watch (HCW): An ontology and rule-based intelligent patient management assistant. Proceedings IEEE Symposium, Computer Based Medical Systems. 2005;479-484

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