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G01 Lot Closure Notices and Updates

The G01 parking lot at the Pond Student Union Building will be fully closed for construction starting on May 6, 2024. Check back here for updates and frequently asked questions.

G01 Parking Map G01 Progress

Construction for the G01 parking lot will begin on Saturday, March 16th. Starting then, Phase 1 will be closed. On May 6th, the entire G01 parking lot (including both Phase 1 and Phase 2) will be closed for the duration of construction.

The main purpose of this construction project is to provide a safe place to park for those entering campus. The project is also designed to create a welcoming area for employees, students and visitors to ISU. Timely updates will be available in Idaho State Today and Roar Weekly to allow the primary users of this lot to plan accordingly and to minimize the impact on those visiting campus. Updates will also be sent out over Public Safety's social media platforms and on this website.

We have a great team of different departments working diligently to ensure we provide the best outcome for this project. We understand that this project is going to affect many individuals throughout campus. Parking during the summer is going to take more planning and patience on everyone's part.  

We would like to encourage you to share this information with others. If other individuals have any questions, please let them know they can contact our department at (208) 282-2625 or parking@isu.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

This construction project is happening in phases.

In the first phase of the project, the following areas of the G01 parking lot will be closed, beginning March 16, 2024:

  • Museum parking spaces and all spaces west to 5th Avenue 
  • Alleyway between SUB and ELC 
  • First row of paid parking on the West side of the ELC

Pick up/drop off for ELC will be on the south of the building. Museum parking will be available in this area also. 

In the second phase, the full parking lot will be closed beginning May 3, 2024 for the remainder of the summer.

This project is being funded through deferred maintenance money from the state and several grants. These are to address safety issues the parking lot currently has.  The intent of the project is to improve safety, traffic flow, and ADA accessibility.

The G01 lot will be under construction starting on March 16, 2024. The following areas will be closed at this time:

  • Museum parking spaces and all spaces west to 5th Avenue 
  • Alleyway between SUB and ELC 
  • First row of paid parking on the West side of the ELC

Starting on May 3, 2024, the entire G01 lot will be closed for the remainder of the summer. 

As this is an evolving project, additional information will be shared as it becomes available. A current end date has not been shared at this time, but it's projected to last the whole summer.

The project is expected to be completed in phases, with parts of the G01 lot closed throughout the summer. Visitor parking will be available in designated areas during each phase of construction. For those who hold a general ISU parking permit, alternative parking is available at the following lots:

  • G03: on 4th Avenue and E. Terry Street
  • ICCU Dome General Parking Lots (no permit required in the north corner, close to the park)
  • Reed’s Gym General Parking Lots
  • With a valid permit, all other General Parking Lots will be open unless otherwise stated

Individuals may also park at the PRT bus locations within ISU’s campus, and ride for no charge to the SUB. View the campus stops map.

Public Safety is working with Disability Services to ensure there are reasonable accommodations for people needing accessible spaces. Individuals may get a temporary Disabled permit for ISU only. These permits would allow individuals to park in any Disabled space throughout campus, including in the Reserved parking lots. Disability forms are available in the Parking and Transportation office at 625 E Humbolt St to apply for this permit. A physician's signature or note is required alongside submission of this form.

Disability Services can answer any questions and concerns about needing accommodations. Please get in touch with them at (208) 282-3599 or disabilityservices@isu.edu.

Pick up/drop off for the Early Learning Center will be at the ELC Circle, the small parking lot directly next to the ELC playground.

There is guest parking available for patrons of the Idaho Museum of Natural History at the ELC Circle, the small parking lot directly next to the ELC playground. For more information please visit How to Get to the Museum

Reserved parking lots will continue to require Reserved permits for the summer. If an individual would like to upgrade from a General permit to a Reserved permit for the summer, that is an option and would cost $70. Please visit the Parking Office (located at 625 E. Humbolt) to upgrade your permit. 

If an individual would like to return their permit for a partial refund, that option is available. They will need to bring their current permit into our office to receive the refund. Please note, if a permit is returned, that individual will no longer be able to park in any lot on campus (excluding the free parking lot at the ICCU Dome).

The reconstruction of this parking lot is being paid for by deferred maintenance funds from the State of Idaho. No University reserves are being used on this project.

The parking lot will NOT be losing 30 spaces. The total lot capacity will grow by 12 parking spaces with the redesign, offering a total of 559 spots, up from 547 previously. The new parking capacity includes a new parking area near the Fine Arts Building. Spaces near the Early Learning Center that had previously been designated as pay station, will now be general parking. The construction of the parking lot has allowed us to implement a new visitor parking system called MobilePay. This will allow us to remove pay station spaces in the lot and those spaces will open to General permit holders.

Based on the scope of this project, construction is starting during Spring semester to try to cause the least amount of disruption. If construction started after school was released for the summer, it was advised that it would not be completed before the beginning of Fall semester.

The newly designed parking lot project has required the removal of old trees, most of which were dying and creating hazards for the campus community. In response, ISU will be planting 85 new trees around the new lot and in other areas of campus.

PARKING & TRANSPORTATION SERVICES             parking@isu.edu             (208) 282-2625              625 E Humbolt St Pocatello, ID, 83209                  @isupublicsafety     @isupublicsafety     @ISUPublicSafety     @isupublicsafety71