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Yurt Rentals

yurt at night

Looking for a place to get away from the stress of city life? How about a snowshoe or backcountry ski trip to a yurt? There's no better place to sit back, relax, and take in the silent beauty of an Idaho winter.

The Portneuf Range Yurt System is made up of four Mongolian yurt-style structures located in the Portneuf Mountains of Southeast Idaho. These yurts are: Catamount, Inman, Jackson, and Skyline. They're for everyone; families with children can reach the easier yurts while backcountry skiers and boarders will find delightful powder runs at the two yurts located high in the range.

If you're not familiar with a yurt, it is a beautiful, dome shaped structure with a plastic skylight for watching the stars at night. Each yurt is outfitted with bunk beds, a wood burning stove, a Coleman white gas cooking stove and lantern, pots, an axe, and fire wood.

Ideal for backcountry touring, Southeast Idaho is known for its exhilarating wide open powder slopes and uninhibited cross-country travel. The yurts along the Portneuf range are spaced so skiers can make yurt to yurt trips or, if desired, parties can ski into one yurt and make day trips with the yurt serving as a base camp.

For reservations and information please call the Outdoor Adventure Center office at (208) 282-3912.

Rental Prices

3 day stay required on MLK Weekend (Jan. 12-14, 2024) and President's Day Weekend (Feb. 16-18, 2024)

Skyline Yurt     ISU     General
Sunday-Thursday Nights $50 $60
Friday-Saturday Nights $80 $90
Catamount, Inman, and Jackson Yurts     ISU     General
Sunday-Thursday Nights $40 $50
Friday-Saturday Nights $70 $80

Yurt Rental Information

Portneuf Range Yurt System Map 

Inman Yurt

Difficulty: Intermediate This is a moderately easy yurt to reach. The distance and elevation gain is slightly greater than the two previously described yurts. Once again, for some skiers, this tour can be difficult, particularly in icy snow conditions. Be prepared and use good judgement.

Distance, Route & Other: The route to the yurt follows a snowbound road for the first 3 miles. The last half mile is up a narrow hiking trail though heavy timber. The total distance to the yurt is 3.5 miles with a vertical rise of 1000 feet. Avalanche potential is very low In unusually unstable snow conditions, there are a couple of isolated snow slopes that can slide on to the road. USGS topographic map 7.5 minute series; Bonneville Peak. The road is regularly machine groomed and is utilized by skiers and snowmobilers. The yurt capacity is six. You must have a Park and Ski Pass to park in this parking lot.

Inman Yurt Guide

Catamount Yurt

Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate, Catamount is the next easiest yurts  to ski or snowshoe to. Although easy, treat the tour with respect. Make sure you know the route well.

Distance, Route & Other: The tour into the yurt is two and a quarter miles long and is across mostly open, rolling terrain. Total vertical rise is 816 feet. Avalanche potential is very low USGS topographic map 7.5 minute series; South Putnam.The yurt capacity is six. Use caution during times of bad visibility in the open areas of the route.

Catamount Yurt Guide

Jackson Creek Yurt

Difficulty: Advanced intermediate to advanced

Distance, Route & Other: 600 feet climb over 2 miles. Pebble Creek Ski Area to Inkom Pass. Avalanche potential exists. Crossing steep slopes is dangerous. Avalanche transceivers, shovels, probes and knowledge of safe route finding in avalanche terrain is highly recommended for this tour. USGS topographic map 7.5 minute series; Bonneville Peak.

All members of the party should have climbing skins. The need for avalanche safety gear and knowledge of how to use it can not be stressed enough. A late start could find you camped out under a tree instead of in the yurt. More folks have spent the night out trying to find this yurt than any of the other yurts in the system. The yurt capacity is six. Parking is free. A lift pass will be required

Jackson Creek Yurt Guide

Skyline Yurt

Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate. Even though the tour is easy, it can be difficult for some individuals.

Distance, Route & Other: 350 feet over 1.5 miles. Avalanche potential is very low. USGS topographic map 7.5 minute series; Bonneville Peak. Access to this yurt crosses private land. Please respect the land. The landowner requests that no snowmobiles are used to access the yurt area. The yurt capacity is eight. It is the most beginner friendly yurt in the system.

Skyline Yurt Guide