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The Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group, otherwise known as CW HOG, is a regional self-help group that was formed in 1981 to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities. Dedication from our many volunteers keeps CW HOG alive.

CW HOG has established four goals

  1. Provide challenging outdoor adventure activities in a supportive environment.
  2. Establish a supportive social network for people with and without disabilities.
  3. Further societal integration by building ties between individuals with disabilities and other community members.
  4. Educate the community to accept and value people with disabilities.

Anyone can become a HOG;. Our participants include individuals of all abilities and ages. From within the security of this supportive peer group, our participants can redefine their physical and emotional boundaries. Our volunteers and participants frequently gain more from their experiences with us than they could ever imagine.

Some of the activities we participate in are: whitewater rafting, water skiing, snow skiing, bowling, hot spring soaks, hay rides, and getting together for a social dinner.