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Leadership in Nursing

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The College of Nursing has many exceptional faculty and students who work hard and have recently been recognized for their accomplishments. In the state of Idaho, there are two programs that recognize nurses and students who are doing exceptional work, the Nurse Practitioners of Idaho (NPI) and Nurse Leaders of Idaho (NLI).

The Nurse Practitioners of Idaho is an organization that focuses on keeping practitioners skills up to date, making sure patients are being cared for safely, participating with the communities, and being a voice for all Nurse Practitioners.

 “The mission of Nurse Leaders of Idaho is a state nursing organization which advances nursing leadership, practice and education through networking, workforce development, and health policy advocacy,” says Karen Neill, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the College of Nursing and NLI President for 2018.

In a letter written for the nomination of Dr. Arvidson for the Outstanding Nurse Leader award, Dr. Weaver said, “Dr. Arvidson is our most experienced advanced practice faculty in the College of Nursing FNP DNP program.  Her areas of expertise include health policy, health promotion, women’s health, pediatrics and education.” Dr. Cathy Arvidson and Dr. Melody Weaver, faculty members at the College of Nursing both were recognized as Outstanding Nurse Leaders by the Nurse Leaders of Idaho on September 13th. "We congratulate both of them on this wonderful accomplishment and we are fortunate they are on the the College of Nursing team. Great job Dr. Arvidson and Dr. Weaver,” says Dr. Anita Smith, Dean for the College of Nursing.

Dr. Weaver and Dr. Arvidson nominated each other for this award and Nurse Leaders of Idaho chose to recognize both of them as incredibly intelligent and dedicated individuals. “Dr. Weaver’s teaching at ISU has been outstanding. She is able to bring her clinical expertise and apply it to the classroom teaching. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She works with students with a philosophy of wanting them to be successful. Her work on the Interdisciplinary Evaluation Team (IET) has contributed to working together with other health professions at ISU. Finally her classroom teaching using online experiences has been creative and innovative, creating journal clubs, focused discussion, patient care scenarios and other techniques to enhance the student’s learning and reflect “real life,” said Dr. Arvidson in the letter she sent to nominate Dr. Weaver for the Outstanding Nurse Leader award.

Michelle Anderson, DNP-FNP, and Bill Sabel, DNP-FNP, who are both graduates of the College of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Post Master’s program, received the 2018 State Award of Excellence and Idaho Nurse Practitioner Advocate awards. They were presented the awards at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2018 conference. Bill Sabel graduated from the ISU College of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Post Master’s program in 2017. Dr. Sabel currently works for INTEL supporting wellness for employees, and has been a long time resident of Pocatello.  Michelle Anderson has been a nurse practitioner since 2001, she received her Master’s degree from Duke University, and her DNP from ISU. Dr. Anderson is extremely involved with her community and serves on multiple boards.

A couple of current College of Nursing students are also doing exceptional work. Doctor of Nursing Practice student Christina Ahearn received a $2500 scholarship from the Nurse Practitioners of Idaho.  Mary Christine Henesh, a Doctor in Philosophy in Nursing student, has been elected President for the Nurse Practitioners of Idaho Organization. In this role, she will excel and provide excellent leadership.

Idaho State University’s College of Nursing has many extraordinary staff members who bring a variety of different experiences that students can draw from, allowing them to be part of a more universal program. The students and staff have all accomplished many great things and are to be applauded for their achievements.

Written by: Lindsay Taylor, College of Nursing Career Path Intern

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