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Honor Societies at the College of Nursing

Here at the College of Nursing we have two highly respected Honor Societies, the Student Nursing Association (SNA) and Sigma Theta Tau (Sigma). The Student Nursing Association and Sigma Theta Tau are programs that focus on nursing students that excel in their fields. They both provide their members with opportunity to be a part of the community. Being a part of these honor programs can help position students  for  better job opportunities.

Student Nursing Association is currently open to all nursing students. Hayley Grover, who is this years president of SNA states, “The SNA strives to drive student nursing education through community outreach, nursing student support, and professional development. SNA has given me an outlet to share ideas and common goals with my peers. It has also provided me with opportunities contribute and give back to my community. SNA's goal is to influence nursing education and advocate for our fellow student nurses.”  

Sigma Theta Tau stands for love, courage, and honor. Sigma is a life-long program you can forever be part of. Through Sigma you can build lifelong friendships with people that share the same interests and hobbies.

“Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI) is the honor society for nursing. The brand Sigma is new and you may hear the organization referred to as STTI or Sigma. Here at ISU, College of Nursing, we do have an active chapter, Theta Upsilon. The honor society provides a connection with nurses over 90 countries; a network and connection to nurses throughout the world.  Access from the membership offers scholarships, research access, journal publications, and continuing education hours,”says Cara-Lee Esplin, president of Sigma Theta Tau.

STTI hosts different activities throughout the year for the participants and community. President Esplin explained, “Our chapter does provide a research day, with a speaker and students can share with peers their research or projects. In conjunction to research day, this year will have the opportunity to serve the community through the backpack program and Toys for Tots... Our inductions provided memberships that have given new strength to our Chapter. Theta Upsilon hopes to continue to assist the mission of the College of Nursing nurse leaders, who value education, research, and service.”  

These are both respected honor societies, and non - profit organizations. These programs are meant for those who excel within the various nursing fields.  Both of these programs are very community oriented and allow students to gain meaningful and worthwhile experience.

To learn more information on SNA contract Hayley Grover at grovhayl@isu.edu

For more information about Sigma contact Cara-Lee Esplin at esplcara@isu.edu

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