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Frequently Asked Parking Questions

When are parking hours in effect?
Parking regulations are in effect during the entire year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, including summer term. Parking permits are required 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. except on Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays when classes are not in session. Examples of legal holidays include, but are not limited to: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day. During the days designated for fee payment, and the week following fee payment, vehicles will not be ticketed. Ticketing commences Monday, on the second week of classes.

When can I use my general permit in reserved lots?
Anyone with a valid ISU permit can park in any general lot after 4 p.m. and on weekends, unless otherwise posted. General permits accompanied with an Official Business Pass can be used in a reserved lot during regular business hours.

Will ISU-Meridian general and reserved permits work in the Pocatello and Idaho Falls general lots?
General permits bought at one campus will work for all campuses in the general lot only. Reserved permits can only be used at the reserved lot it was issued for. Permit costs are the same for all campuses.

Are adjunct and affiliate faculty required to purchase a permit?
As ISU employees, adjunct faculty members are required to purchase a parking permit. Permits are available by the day, month, semester or the year. Volunteer affiliate faculty should contact their department for parking arrangements.

How do I appeal if I feel my ticket is not justified?
All citations are either to be paid as issued or resolved by written appeal. Appeal forms are available online at www.isu.edu/parking. Departments may appeal on behalf of non-university affiliated individuals who receive citations. If the appeal is denied, the department must remit to parking the cost of the appropriate day permit.

How can offices and departments provide passes for invited off-campus guests?
Departments may purchase department day passes for $6 each, or purchase an annual reserved permit that can be used for multiple vehicles.
Visitor parking is available for anyone who is not a student, faculty or staff member and intends to be at ISU-Meridian for less than 3 hours. In the case of a meeting or multiple guests attending the same event, visitor parking is limited to five or less guests for the same event.
Students, faculty or staff are not allowed to park in Visitor parking at any time.

Will departments be able to purchase the departmental day-use permits and official business passes with department funds?
Yes. Departments may purchase day-use permits or annual reserve permits for university business.

Is parking allowed at the Renaissance High School when they are on break?
No. Anyone parking in the Renaissance High School, District Training Center or Joint School District No. 2 Administration parking lots without the appropriate parking permit will be cited by ISU. This includes when RHS is NOT in session.

Why must ISU charge for parking?
Parking is not a state-funded program and the department is a self-supporting operation. ISU-Meridian is required to provide upkeep and maintenance of our parking lot i.e.: snow removal, seal coating, stripping, etc. Fees collected in Meridian, stay in Meridian to help cover these costs.


Can I park in faculty/staff area if I am a student and an employee?

No, if you are classified as a student you will need to park in the general lot.


Can students on rotation park in the visitor area?

No, if you are listed in Banner as a student, even if you are doing rotations, you must obtain a permit (day, month or semester) and park in the general parking lot.


Do ISU PA students at the College of Idaho Campus, displaying a CI parking permit, need an ISU parking permit?

Yes, you will need a permit when on the ISU campus. You can buy a day pass or contact your department administrative assistant for parking arrangements.


How is parking handled for non-ISU personnel attending on campus seminars, etc?

The department hosting the seminar must fill out an event request through the front office. After it is approved you will receive notice and passes for parking that tell your guests where to park.