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Access to Primary Care Medical & Dental Appointments Between Simulated Patients Who Were Deaf & Patients Who Could Hear

A study published this month in JAMA Network Open by ISU faculty members Elizabeth Schniedewind and Ryan Lindsay, along with Steven Snow from the Idaho Council for Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides empirical data supporting that Deaf patients experience discrimination when accessing health care and have long reported the subpar communication they experience.

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Stroke Survivor Shares Message Of Hope

Since the stroke, Brooke's been a regular at physical, speech, and occupational therapy sessions. That includes her visits to Idaho State University's Meridian campus...

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ISU Counseling Clinics Providing Telehealth Services During COVID-19

Through a Community Health Improvement Fund grant from St. Luke’s Hospital, Idaho State’s Meridian campus was able to obtain required telehealth certification and gain laptop computers for virtual counseling sessions. The grant will also cover regional travel and project evaluation. Idaho State’s main campus in Pocatello will also be offering the services.

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ISU-Meridian Clinic remodel will improve experience for patients, clients and students

Idaho State University’s Sam and Aline Skaggs Health Science Center has been growing and changing, thanks to a $150,000 grant from the Sunderland Foundation, adding to the already almost 2.3 million dollars invested into expansion and upgrades by ISU and the State of Idaho.

The first phase of renovations began in December of 2019, with completion scheduled for the upcoming summer 2020 season. From there, the second phase will begin and is expected to conclude in December 2020.

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Idaho State University faculty interpreting COVID-19 for deaf community

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, two new signs have been added to the American Sign Language vocabulary. The sign for COVID-19 is a fist with one hand while the other hand is open and making a “crown shape” that swoops behind the fist. The other sign, for “virus,” which in past had been spelled out, is actually the same sign as “snake bite” and other things that are considered dangerous.

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ISU epidemiologist sees COVID-19 go from classroom talking point to deadly threat

Ryan Lindsay began talking to his students about COVID-19 in his epidemiology class in mid-January at Idaho State University’s Meridian campus.

The coronavirus outbreak was a faraway real-world situation centered in China that the epidemiologist could use as teaching material.

Two months later, the subject matter became close to home for the ISU assistant professor, as a student from his Meridian campus became the first Idahoan to test positive for COVID-19.

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