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If you'd like to use your Apple Mac with OS X for circuit simulations, this site could be useful to you. Screamer is an Open Source circuit code that was originally written at Sandia National Laboratories and is now maintained by Idaho State University. Screamer is written in Fortran 77 with some Fortran 90 additions. Screamer has been compiled/tested on several versions of OS X, Ubuntu LINUX, and Windows. Feel free to contact Rick B. Spielman with questions or problems.

Compilation Information

Screamer has been compiled using GNU C++ and GNU gfortran. Other Fortran compilers will work. Some users have seen 10-15% increases in speed using the Intel Fortran compiler. We assume that you have the latest (or very recent) versions of MacOS, LINUX, or Windows. The latest GCC files for the Mac are located at http://hpc.sourceforge.net/index.php. The GCC LINUX files are installed inside Ubuntu LINUX shell by typing: sudo apt-get install gcc, then sudo apt-get install build-essential, then sudo apt-get install gfortran. Windows use requires the installation of the Windows Ubuntu application from the windows app store (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wsl/install-win10).

gcc-8.1-bin.tar.gz (Courtesy of HPC MacOS X) Updated January 2019

gfortran-8.1-bin.tar.gz (Courtesy of HPC MacOS X) Updated January 2019

We have provided more detailed help files for each OS. Note: we are looking for anyone interested in working on the Windows side of Screamer. We are presently limited to 2 GB of stack memory for Screamer in Windows. This should be fixable but the present contributors are not Windows experts.

Mac Notes Updated December 2019

Ubuntu LINUX Notes Updated March 2017

Windows Notes Updated March 2017

Screamer Installation

New Screamer releases are provided whenever bugs are fixed or improvements are made to the code. We encourage Screamer users to suggest or to create improvements to the code. Screamer is actively under development and new versions are created every few months. All new versions of Screamer are benchmarked against prior versions. Any Screamer release here is assumed to be fully functional and ready for general use. Comments below assume a MacOS version of Screamer.

The release folder of Screamer can be installed anywhere in your file space. We suggest that the Screamer files be located in the Documents folder. One path example is:


Compilation and linking of Screamer can occur once Screamer has been copied into the target directory, all of the GCC files are installed, and the Command Line tools are installed in Xcode. Screamer comes with a batch file that, when executed in the Terminal Window creates a 64-bit executable.

Screamer Releases

Click on the links below to download the various Screamer releases. The downloads are tar’ed and gzip’ed and automatically unzip and untar when double clicked. If not you can easily do this yourself manually.


release_4.4.3.tar.gz Updated January 2023

release_4.4.2.tar.gz Updated February 2020

release_4.4.1.tar.gz Updated January 2020

release_4.3.3.tar.gz Updated December 2019

release_4.3.2.tar.gz Updated December 2019

release_4.3.1.tar.gz Updated December 2019

release_4.3.tar.gz Updated January 2019

release_4.2.7.1.tar.gz Updated January 2019

release_4.2.6.tar.gz Updated January 2018

release_4.2.5.tar.gz Updated September 2017

release_4.2.4.tar.gz Updated August 2017

release_4.2.3.tar.gz Updated August 2017

release_3.3.2.3.tar.gz Updated July 2018

Screamer Manual

The latest version of the Screamer manual can be downloaded here.

Screamer Manual Updated October 2020

Screamer Publications

The following publications/reports describe Screamer.

Screamer - A Single-Line Pulsed-Power Design Tool

Screamer V4.0 - A Powerful Circuit Analysis Code

Screamer: A Optimized Pulsed-Power Circuit-Analysis Tool

Final Report: A Direct Linear Sparse-Matrix Solver Implementation in Screamer

Screamer Contact: Rick B. Spielman, spierick@isu.edu