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Copper 67 Information & Sales

The Idaho Accelerator Center produces isotopes for research, non-human, use. The links below will show the available isotopes. 

Copper 67 Information Brochure

Copper 67 Certificate of Analysis

The IAC makes copper-67 for shipment 2-4 times/month. Standard operation ships the isotope on Tuesdays or Wednesdays with overnight FedEx delivery to most places in the US by the next morning (Wednesday or Thursday). We are not responsible for shipping delays.  We do not manufacture on weeks with a Federal Holiday or maintenance weeks. You must be entered into the manufacturing queue for us to give you a delivery date. Our lead time on orders is typically 2-6 weeks, but, can be more than 8 weeks during high demand periods.

To be entered into the manufacturing queue, we must have:

(1) a copy of your current license to receive radioactive materials, 

(2) a shipping address for the isotope, 

(3) the contact information for your RSO 

(4) and an approved purchase order. 

Standard pricing for Cu-67 is $100/mCi calibrated at 24 hours after production. Our minimum order is 10 mCi. The cost of the shipping container, shipping costs, and handling is approximately $450 in the US (pricing subject to change). For a single minimum order, your PO should be for at least $1450. Volume pricing is available for greater than 10 Ci delivered in a year.

Copper 67 Request