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Key Capabilities

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  • Multiple Accelerators
  • Instrumentation and mechanical fabrication support
  • Radiography, tomography, and nuclear techniques for nondestructive assay
  • Instrument and radiation detector testing for national security needs
  • Radiation effects in biological and electronic systems
  • Experienced nuclear physics and nuclear science support
  • Photon activation analysis and isotope production
  • Materials analysis with positron annihilation spectroscopy

Testing Experience:

  • Development and demonstration of an accelerator based systems for detection of shielded Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) and other fissile materials
  • Extensive photon and neutron dosimetry expertise
  • Customized radiation detection system development
  • Customized accelerator systems development
  • Radiation effects testing of parts for national laboratory and private industry customers
  • Commercialization of R&D through private sector spin-offs
  • Development of radiographic tomography for munitions inspection
  • Development of positron based for materials defect detection in bulk

Support Personnel:

  • Long standing partnerships between the INL, JLAB, Sandia, Los Alamos, PNNL and other national laboratories
  • Permanent staff/faculty of Ph.D's and Engineers
  • Many students-in-training through Ph.D. degree programs
  • Postdoctoral Researchers

Support Instrumentation and Services:

  • Calibrated 20 GHz sampling scope
  • Multi-parameter data acquisition systems
  • Calibrated PIN diodes for radiation effects
  • Full suite of nuclear instrumentation
  • Mechanical and electronic design and fabrication capabilities