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ISU Tuberculosis Screening Requirement

Tuberculosis Screening Requirement

ISUPP #5020

All students,  faculty, and staff who originate from or have lived greater than 6 months in countries with a TB incidence rate greater than 20 cases /100,000 population are required to complete the TB Screening Form (see link below) and provide test documentation to ISU Health Center.

Students are encouraged to be tested at the ISU Health Center.  The student is responsible for all costs associated with screening.  If you do not provide evidence of TB screening within 2 weeks after classes start, your continued participation in classes may be affected.

Are you from one of the countries listed on the TB Screening Form?  If Yes, please complete

 TB Screening Form

Have you ever visited or lived in one of more of the countries listed on the TB Screening Form for more than 6 months?  If Yes, please complete

TB Screening Form

Questions, please contact:

ISU Health Center

990 Cesar Chavez (S 8th Ave) 208 282-2330