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Insurance Information

Health Insurance

Idaho State University does not require you to have health insurance, however we strongly encourage you to do so.

Need Health Insurance Coverage?

Students should begin the process to obtain new health insurance at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the current insurance to avoid any lapse in coverage.

In addition, health insurance can be factored into personal expenses.

If you are worried about paying for health insurance, contact the Financial Aid Office at (208) 282-2756.

Students may be eligible for extended dependent coverage (up to their 26th birthday) under a parent’s health insurance plan.

State Health Insurance Exchanges:

For Idaho check or for other states

If you do not qualify for special enrollment, short-term policies may be available to provide insurance until the next State Health Insurance Exchange open enrollment period.

You may contact a local insurance broker  for information and for plans available.

If you are an international student you have many options under or  International Student Organization or  or any other alternative that you choose. Contact a local broker for help.

Need additional information, click here

Although the ISU Health Center is not at liberty to recommend plans to students, we will help direct you to different resources. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to contact us at (208) 282-2330.

Student Athletes:

Athletic Injury Policy


Athletic Insurance Information Form