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Frequently Asked Questions

General ISU Health Center Questions

Who can receive care at the ISU Health Center?

  • Any students, spouses of students, faculty and staff may go to the ISU Health Center. The clinic accepts private insurances.

Are there office visit costs/fees for students?

  • No, there are no office visit fees for students and we bill private insurances for services (labs, X-Rays, etc.).
  • Same day price discounts are available for specific services.  These must be paid at the day of service.

How should I schedule an appointment?

  • Patients may either make appointments online through our patient portal or call the ISU Health Center at (208) 282-2330.

What are the advantages of using the Patient Portal?

  • Patients can schedule appointments online, complete new patient forms, and communicate with healthcare providers by sending secure messages.  Appointment reminders can be sent via text or email.

Where should I go after hours?

  • Urgent care may be obtained at a local hospital or care center. In case of an emergency—poisoning, severe injuries, burns, etc.—take immediate action. If it is not an emergency, call the ISU Health Center the next day to schedule an appointment.

Insurance Questions

Why is Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) no longer offered at ISU?

  • The decision not to offer SHIP was made after the State Board of Education modified its student health insurance policy in February 2015. The premium quote for SHIP for the 2015-2016 academic year would have been more than $3,000, making health insurance from private sources more affordable for students. Universities are no longer required to offer a health insurance plan.

How will I pay for Health Insurance myself?

  • Health insurance is factored into personal expenses. The Financial Aid Office can answer all of your financial aid questions.  Contact them at (208) 282-2756 or go to their office in the Museum Building, Room 337.